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May 11, 2011 11:12 PM

Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 6 (SPOILERS)

QF had the 7 remaining chefs cooking with (thank god) top-notch ingredients in a piddly 7 minutes. When Colicchio posed this challenge, one of the stipulations was no crudos or ceviches, but i guess with over a minute less time they couldn't ask that of the chefs in this challenge. Still, I thought Naomi's dish looked the most impressive since she actually cooked something.

Why does Traci always look so sour? Even when she's winning she can barely crack a smile. And was it her that was really bitchy during prep time, snapping at Mary Sue? The wear and tear is starting to show on these formerly civil chefs. Floyd, i thought was pretty arrogant tonight. But surprise surprise - a great quote from Hugh: "I've got youth, and panache, and one eyebrow on my side." Showing his sense of humor and eyebrow self-awareness to boot! He actually had a couple of funny lines tonight.

What was the point of the chefs having to publicly unveil their scoring of their fellow chefs' dishes other than to try to create animosity/drama?

EC: cooking for "rock-stars" Maroon 5 (never heard of them). Another silly challenge (prepping & cooking in an RV.) It was interesting tho to see how the two teams came up with such similar dishes. None of that food looked great tho, to me. When you think about Hubert Keller cooking in a dorm room and the deliciousness he put out there, these chefs really seem to be at a much lower tier. Good thing Traci's team boozed the judges up.

Why would you ever pair couscous with spanokopita? dry dry dry. boring salad, overcooked pasta.... i thought for sure Celina would go home. Alex stretched himself thin and got sent home. Traci takes it all tonight.

Next week: THE BEHATTED ONE - GAEL GREEN - IS BACK! Mary Sue loses the top of her thumb. And someone makes out with someone.

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  1. I agree that Celina should have gone home. I am liking Hugh a lot more than after the first two episodes - he's growing on me now that he's turned off the hostility. He was funny in his interviews, made me laugh more than once.

    Tracy, Naomi and Mary Sue seem to be the ones to beat. Tracy and Naomi seem to be rising to the challenges with innovative, delicious food, and Mary Sue seems to have the best coping skills for all of these challenges. I'd like to see a little less Mexican influence in her cooking, but boy, does it adapt well to these challenges, doesn't it? Floyd kinda got on my nerves. Some of his comments rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like Celina is just barely hanging on, wonder if next week is her last? I was sorry to see Alex go, he really carried the red team to that challenge, the others didn't contribute nearly as much.

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        After watching this episode I'm trying to imagine how Hugh would be as a guest judge on the regular Top Chef. His quirkiness could make for some good TV.

      2. I was surprised it was Alex they tossed since he did so much more, even tho it wasn't all great. Didn't he make the corn soup? The band loved that. (Side note: Maroon 5 have been around for at least 7 years and are pretty big. That dude Adam is now one of the judges on that new singing show. I remember seeing a video in 2004 and absolutely hating them but then again, they're too light for my taste. But he was fairly quick and amusing at dinner.) And since the other dishes weren't well received, I thought Alex's over achieving would keep him there. What did Floyd say that pissed people off? I missed it.

        I agree, Traci always seems kind of pissed and Hugh has been amusing. I think I'm a Naomi fan now that Alex is gone.

        BTW, I had dessert at City Grocery in Oxford MS last week and wished I'd stayed next door at Waltz.

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        1. re: Joanie

          I REALLY liked it when Adam Levine said he was going to stab James Oseland's hand with his fork for their differing opinions. ;-)

            1. re: C. Hamster

              :::snort::: Now THAT would have made for Must-See TV! :-D

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Yes, he said what I'm usually thinking about Oseland.

            2. When they did the QF on Top Chef, didn't. Tom warm them against uncooked food? Most of the masters didn't cook anything. IIRC, Tracy is always plating uncooked foods during QF.

              1. Didn't like the required "show your scores" during the Quickfire. Loved Hugh's eyebrow comment - I broke out laughing at that one.

                Both teams essentially cooked exactly what the members of M5 said they missed. Granted, they were under bizarro constraints with the tour bus "kitchen", but found it interesting how they were both so similar. The 2nd team's spanokopita looked better than the first. Wasn't thrilled with the cutlets for the turkey dinner, however.

                Celina has had WAY too many "scraping by" moments - I thought for sure she's go home. Didn't they praise at least one of Alex's dishes? Celina has consistently been on the bottom - and yes, I know they judge the individual dish, but she's just not at the same caliber.

                Whereas Naomi is kicking ass - even Traci noted that.

                I'm wondering if they'll attempt a TCM4 - the chefs seem pretty lackluster this go-round.

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                1. re: LindaWhit

                  I thought they actually liked Alex's enchilada (chum) - Curtis said he was impressed he could make it without using real cheese.

                2. I was shocked they sent Alex packing rather than Celina. She only made that one dish, and they all acknowledged it was awful, whereas Alex made a whole meal.

                  This was the first episode that I really enjoyed, although I wish the elves would get over all these gimmicky ECs and just let the chefs cook, for Pete's sake!

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                  1. re: ChefJune

                    i thought they all actually liked her corn soup, whereas they hated Hugh's....

                    1. re: mariacarmen

                      Yeah, but Hugh was on the winning team.

                      1. re: ChefJune

                        i know. they both skated by on this one.

                    2. re: ChefJune

                      I think Celina got to stay because of her corn soup. Which of course they didn't mention at all at judges table (at least what we saw). It seemed so odd that after the mostly terrible comments at table, the winning team comes in and all we get is raves about their food (no mention of "candle scented soup". Then the losing team comes in and all we get is how terrible it was. I

                      1. re: DGresh

                        That bothers me, too. I'm guessing there's a lot of editing done for that but I'd rather see the good and the bad. There have been times in TC where they say it's so close but when they show JT's, they critique the bad, praise the good.