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May 11, 2011 10:35 PM

Tokyo hotel restaurants: Park Hyatt vs. The Peninsula

For a very special birthday for my wife, we are considering a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. In Tokyo, we have received strong recs for both the Park Hyatt and the Peninsula for a super splurge.

Any Chowhound thoughts as to which hotel would be better for a stay, including its' restaurants, bars
and general amenities?


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  1. I would stay at the Peninsula for several reasons. For one, it is close to Ginza and Tsukiji, as well as Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace grounds. The Park Hyatt is somewhat isolated in Shinjuku. Also, the rooms and service are great: high tech but easy to use. And they are currently offering a special that includes a room upgrade and 10,000¥credit for their restaurants, of which I prefer Peter, although their Hong Kong restaurant is also not bad ( it has one Michelin star but Peter has a nicer view,although the view form the top of the Hyatt is also spectacular). The food in the lobby restaurant is not bad either.

    1. I've not stayed at the Park Hyatt, but the Peninsula is very good, as is the Shangri-La.

      1. In terms of restaurants, bars, and general amenities, the Mandarin Oriental wins hands down.

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          Thanks for your praise of the MO. Can you comment on its location? I don't know Tokyo but read somewhere that it was in more of a business area rather than a tourist location. True?


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            OP here,

            Reading a lot, the Mandarin Oriental is getting great press in general and for the restaurants in particular.

            I'm getting more interested in the MO.

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              I'm not sure that Tokyo really has tourist neighborhoods - it's more like there are various tourist spots scattered around the city. The Peninsula in Yurakucho certainly has more shopping nearby, but the Mandarin is next to a big department store and across the street from a couple of new shopping/restaurant complexes that have just opened recently. It's walking distance to Marunouchi and Tokyo station, and there's a subway station downstairs from the hotel, which will get you across town to Shibuya in 17 minutes.

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                Between the three hotels mentioned, I would pick the Peninsula for its proximity to Ginza where a lot of the good restaurants are. MO is quite out of the way and other than a long walk to the Coredo (sp?) center, there aren't much around it. Park Hyatt is also a 15 min walk from the Shinjuku station and its immediate neighbourhood is office buildings. As for the restaurants inside the hotels, I think it is a tie between MO and Peninsula though I almost never eat at the hotel in Tokyo unless someone else is arranging it. As for general amenities, the pool at the Park Hyatt is best as it is the largest. The pool at the Peninsula is decent but a bit small (3 lanes if I remember correctly). Don't recall what the pool was like at MO. Other than these three, you should consider the Ritz as well which is in Roppongi. It is all a matter of which neighbourhood you want to be in.

                You should also check out the boards on flyertalk as that is more hotel focused.

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                  As I said there are a couple of new restaurant and shopping complexes across the street from the Mandarin Oriental - they're called Yuito and Coredo Muromachi.

          2. I've stayed a number of times at both the Peninsula and the Park Hyatt. The Peninsula has a better location. The Park Hyatt has the edge in dining. Much smaller and very well located with the best beds by far is the Four Seasons Marunouchi almost next to Tokyo Station

            1. I was in a similar situation to you and I chose the Peninsula among all of the hotels mentioned. The reason was mainly the location. Peninsula is a couple of steps from a smaller JR Yamamote line station, which is very convenient as Tokyo tends to get very tiring for me. I like Shinjuku but Park Hyatt is quite far away and after a day walking you might regret walking another 15 minutes or waiting for the shuttle bus. Peninsula is also much closer to Ginza and Tsukiji, Imperial Gardens and my favorite spot in Tokyo, the park right next to Tsukiji than Mandarin Oriental, which is on the other side of Tokyo station. Also, Peninsula has complimentary car service 2 km around the hotel, whcih is a plus as I'm travelling with my comfortable parents. And they do have some specials on at the moment, which takes a bit of edge of their prices compared to Mandarin Oriental. I plainly did not like the location of Four Seasons and I think that Roppongi is interesting for a visit but far away from Yamamote line, which I found extremely useful last time I was in Tokyo.

              I am staying in Peninsula at the end of the month, will let you know how I liked it.

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                Thanks for your comments. Looking forward to your post trip thoughts.