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Criolla on Upper Market... S.F...shrimp and grits returns to the 'hood!

..and fried chicken, oysters broiled on the half shell, po' boys, ribs etc etc... they have no printed menus to take yet, and they are just getting into their rhythm...but the chicken was crunchy and juicy...the waffles were definitely NOT flaccid...y'all know how I hate flaccid waffles!!!.. with I think a choice of 4 kinds, plain, corn, yam and I forgot the other one.., the staff is friendly and attentive...and the place is already packing them in just on word of mouth since their soft opening a couple of days ago.. ice tea comes with simple syrup, lemon and mint, beautiful pecan pie and bread pudding...did I mention red beans and rice...they are open for dinner, with brunch, lunch, breakfast and late night all coming...so much better than Bagdad Cafe, which they have replaced.......I am looking forward to a return visit to try some of their other offerings...on the South side of Market, (2295 Market) cross St. 16th, great public transit to get there...

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  1. do they have oxtail on the menu?

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      Isn't oxtail a Caribbean thing? Shrimp and grits, red beans and rice, ribs, and waffles all at one place... I'm already confused enough! That is a lot of south to cover...
      Anyway, it all sounds good :) (let's hope it is)

    2. Thanks for the early post. Chef Randy Lewis is talented and I'm glad that he's doing his own thing again. Grubstreet has Criolla Kitchen's initial menu:

      Criolla Kitchen
      2295 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

      1. what's amazing is that it took this long for Baghdad to cycle under. what a welcome idea for a replacement. I very much like the idea of a variety of waffle types.

        I remember going late at night (because it was open late) and later wondering "why?" and maybe 6 months later doing the same thing then thinking the same thing. idiot.

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            Open for dinner nightly at 6 pm, walk-ins only, per Inside Scoop. Doesn't mention closing time.

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              i read 6-11 now, late nights coming, breakfast & lunch coming, booze license (not sure if beer/wine only or actual liquor) coming. byob for now.

          2. We walked by today and my wife noticed that Baghdad Cafe was gone, and this was in its place. It was too early for lunch, but we noticed that Criolla was very clean and orderly looking -- will have to try it while we are here in SF.

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              do, and let us know! enjoy your stay, Tripeler!

            2. I went there for dinner tonight after reading this post. I thought I'd check it out and see if it was worth writing home about. For the most part, it was pretty good, although I have some complaints.

              I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for a party of two. Fortunately, it wasn't too cold out because there wasn't really space to wait inside. Since they're the new place in town, they are extremely busy. Their sparse, clean design also means that it is EXTREMELY LOUD inside. I spent the whole meal screaming at my dining companion to be heard.

              The food was a solid B+/A-. I will be the first to admit that Creole food is not my area of expertise, so I can only judge on flavor. I had the shrimp and grits, my dining companion the fried chicken and red beans. My shrimp and grits had a great consistency and a very flavorful tomato sauce. The house-made hot sauce made the dish a lot more exciting. Unfortunately, for $12.90, the portion was pretty small. It was nine shrimp on top of a small bread plate-sized amount of grits. I left feeling hungry.

              The fried chicken, which I tasted, was pretty yummy, although again the chicken pieces were pretty small. The red beans and rice had tons of flavor, but were a little on the dry side. I did not have the salad that came along with the dish, but apparently the dressing was really nice! The chicken was $14.90.

              The food was really pretty good, although rather expensive for the quantities involved. I'll gladly go back, but I'll probably wait until the crowd dies out a little bit.