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May 11, 2011 08:28 PM

Spicy Foods in Philadelphia area

Ok so I'm preparing for a ridiculously spicy wing contest and so I was hoping to find the spiciest food possible to do so. I live in West Chester and will be venturing out to King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting tomorrow. Any recommendations on painfully spicy food within those vicinities?

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  1. While not exactly in the Plymouth Meeting 'hood, if you come up Germantown Pike to Evansburg, Phamous Phil's Bar-B-Que should help you get in shape. He has six grades of his own hot sauce, top of the line being "suicide." Its also for sale so you can torture yourself at home.

    1. im interested in hearing more about the contest.

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        Its a wing eating contest at alibis in west chester (the old 15 north). You must eat 6 wings with no liquid and go 10 minutes after without liquids as well. The sauce for the wings apparently has a spice that is supposedly hotter than the ghost chili and then the add pure spice extract as well. Its at 8 PM this Friday. The prizes haven't been announced but I was told by the bartender there that they are pretty nice.

      2. Drive over to Exton and go to Han Dynasty.. Sichuan food that has a wide variety of things to burn your mouth off.

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          I completely agree with Han Dynasty. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you DIDN'T go there. Make sure you tell them you're looking for super-spicy stuff, they'll try to blow your head off.