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Detroit /SE MIchigan's own board ???? [moved from Great Lakes board]

It's time to raise the issue again. Let's allow the others to have their space and Detroit/SE Michigan to focus on ourselves. Can it be that much more broadband ????

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  1. I'll second that..is there anything we can do to make that happen?

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    1. re: Jack Freeman

      Third! I heard there is one guy in NYC that is getting his own....

    2. I disagree, for the simple reason that after seeing posts from other areas , I recall them when I travel in that direction. It makes the trip a bit more pleasureable to pop in to a place someone wrote of and enjoying their find. What do you think?

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      1. re: itsaboutfood

        I often look at the other boards. There is nothing that prevents me from doing so. I believe this request is about cleaning up the Signal to Noise Ratio for the largest amount of contributors to the current great lakes board.

      2. I strongly support this suggestion. When a metro area has a lot of posts on a regional board, it deserves its own board. That way, local residents as well as visitors can go there when they're looking for advice in that city.

        The last time Chowhound restructured the regional boards, new boards were created for some cities (including Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta) while other, equally-deserving cities were ignored. The Detroit Area has been very active and deserves to have its own board separate from the Great Lakes forum. Other metro areas that deserve their own boards include Cleveland (currently on Great Lakes), St. Louis and Kansas City (currently on Great Plains), and the Triangle Area of North Carolina (currently on Southeast). Shockingly, the suburbs of New York City don't have their own board and are currently thrown in with the rest of the states in which they're located - a travesty that still needs to be addressed.

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          +1 for Detroit Board....the metro Detroit area is 5.8 million people, and the Twin Cities is only 2.85 million people. Love the Twin Cities, but we are TWICE their size and we deserve our own.

          1. re: momskitchen

            Yup, I'm a big Vikings fan. But, I do get kind of bummed when people post about distant MSP suburbs on the Great Lakes board. If it doesn't belong on the MSP board, then it CERTAINLY doesn't belong on a board primarily frequented by Indianapolis/Cleveland/Detroit folk. Please.

            And, while I enjoy sunny Phoenix, I must say that the post traffic (not to pick a fight over food quality), is obviously greater in the Motor City.

            In any event, love the board. Just offering "continuous improvement" thoughts.

        2. A detroit board is well deserved by the awesome detroit chowhounders!!

            1. Against the grain again (sigh).

              Just not in favor of creating a board for Detroit metro.

              I frequent the Great Lakes Board on a daily basis, and have continuously noticed that threads for D-town get stale quickly. JMHO.

              1. I'm less in support of this than having MSP & Chicago boards come back UNDER Great Lakes. I think the issue is we're ticked MSP and some smaller cities have their own space -- positioning the Great Lakes (which, BTW is SOOO much better than "midwest" that included Arkansas AND Nebraska!) is good thing for all of us in the region -- lots more to discover in what's often consider "flyover" country. I say critical mass for Great Lakes.

                1. Hey, CBS/moderators, anyone paying attention? We want a SE Michigan; or Michigan board.

                  1. Is there a representative of the site that would like to discuss this or are we just expected to go away and forget about this? So far it is a very one sided discussion. Please respect your clients and communicate.

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                    1. re: JanPrimus

                      We don't really make decisions on new boards to create on a one-off basis. I'll put this on my list of possibilities for the next round of new board creation (though I start by looking at most populated metro areas without their own boards, so it would have been on the list anyway).

                        1. re: Jacquilynne

                          According to the U.S. Dept. of Management and Budget, the Detroit Metro area is the 12th most populated in the U.S
                          - that's bigger than places like MSP, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Austin and San Diego that you've given their own boards. So I am not sure how you missed us the last time!

                          1. re: momskitchen

                            MSP got its own board because we are a postypants bunch who pretty much overran the old Midwest board. You'd open the board and see 12 MSP threads then a Detroit thread, a Cleveland thread and 10 more MSP threads. I think that had more to do with the decision for an MSP board than population.

                            1. re: MplsM ary

                              curious, wouldnt it be better to have a Minnesota Board, rather than having non-MAP Minnesota go on a huge Great Lakes board? In a state with only one major Metro area, that would (it seems to me) be a reasonable solution. At least it would be totally clear what Board to go to, which is not the case now. Michigan similarly.

                              1. re: jen kalb

                                Geography is just not Chowhound's strong suit. Chowhound started in NYC and the board definitions and designation have been and continue to be hampered by geographical myopia.

                                1. re: MplsM ary

                                  I couldnt agree more. there are communities everywhere who would grow if appropriate area definitions were created.

                                  Midwest or Great Lakes would be fine if it was just a matter of discussion by non-local people (like a travel board), roadfood for example, but once locals are involved, as they should be, the definitions and geographical info that enable people to talk and find info in specific communities really start to matter.

                                  I would add community-fostering to te list of things that Chowhound's managers have not been very good at. Still and all, Im still here. I just wish that bottom up initiatives from the many people investing energy here could be fostered better.. As it is we have to wait for the Gods to speak, sometimes its good and sometimes we just scratch our heads.

                            2. re: momskitchen

                              >> the Detroit Metro area is the 12th most populated in the U.S

                              I don't speak for the Chowhound Team, but it seems to me that metropolitan areas deserve their own boards based on how much content is posted about them in their corresponding regional forum. Some cities may have more people but others may have more posts, due to a more active group of Chowhounders and/or more food offerings. For example, Cincinnati and Kansas City both have about the same number of people (2.0 million metro area) but you'll find a lot more posts about KC on the Great Plains forum than you will about Cinci on Great Lakes.

                              Getting back to Detroit... there are a lot of posts about the Detroit area on Great Lakes, and I think it deserves its own forum. The only question in my mind is whether or not to include Windsor as part of the Metro Detroit forum. ;)

                              1. re: momskitchen

                                I didn't miss considering Detroit last time, but population is not a big part of the deciding factors on where to create new boards -- it's just a place to start. Detroit was considered, but there were only a small number of posts about Detroit prior to the last board split, so a board for Detroit wasn't added.

                                1. re: Jacquilynne

                                  I just hpe CH keeps the dialog open with participants before making decisions.
                                  Things like where people spend their weekends could logically be factored in, for example. Fostering growth of a community and giving people certainty about where to post and look for info are both really high values.

                                  1. re: Jacquilynne

                                    I'll do my best to fix that...more posting! My guess is Jacquilynne doesn't know the names of Detroit suburbs because she's likely never been here and it's so much bigger than Minneapolis She might be confused about subjects titled "Novi/Farmington Hills", "Livonia", "Troy" etc. Everyone, if you are posting anything regarding southeast Michigan, please preface your posts with DTW first, to help illustrate the point. My guess is that she might have been looking for the word "Detroit" in posts when she found only a small number of posts. Per my recollection, we had just as many as the Twin Cities before the split, that's why I had been scratching my head about it. And Jacquilynne, if you would like to visit Detroit some time, we'd all love to take you out for lunch! Thanks for your hard work on Chowhound!

                                    1. re: momskitchen

                                      I do search for a variety of suburb and neighborhood names when looking to get a sense of how many posts we had about each metro area. I may not get them all, but I don't limit myself to searching simply the name of a given city. I also come at the problem from the other direction -- looking directly at a subset of the posts, and assigning them to cities based on content, to sanity check the numbers I find in other ways.

                                      That said, I do encourage you to preface your posts with Detroit or another indicator that they're about Detroit, as that will help other people who are looking for them.

                                      1. re: Jacquilynne

                                        .....and, Jacquilynne, if you're ever in the area you WILL be taking us up on the lunch offer, right??......

                                        1. re: VTB

                                          Thanks, I'll definitely keep your offer in mind ;)

                                          I don't live that far from Detroit, but other than the airport, I've never been there.

                                      2. re: momskitchen

                                        We had a small band who pretty much required that any MSP post be tagged as MSP in the title. You can ask a mod to change the title in order to encourage cooperation. Suddenly I feel like I should be twirling a Snidely Whiplash moustache.

                                        When the old Midwest board had at least 3 Bloomingtons and 3 Us of M it was important to differentiate the MSP threads and a few of us were vigilant.

                                        In trying to remember how many states the old Midwest board covered I did a search and found this musty old thread talking about breaking up the Midwest board: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/120601 Interesting.

                                        1. re: MplsM ary

                                          Yes, let's all start to police the Detroit metro threads for inclusion of Detroit in the title of the thread! (I'd argue for DTW, but I think some people won't know what that means and will start by searching Detroit. Am I right?)

                                      3. re: Jacquilynne

                                        > only a small number of posts about Detroit prior to the last board split,
                                        > so a board for Detroit wasn't added.


                                        Where or to whom do I send a list of the SE Michigan communities that we've
                                        been posting about? Awww; WTH, here's the list:

                                        ALLEN PARK
                                        ANN ARBOR
                                        AUBURN HILLS
                                        BAD AXE
                                        BLOOMFIELD HILLS
                                        CASS CITY
                                        CENTER LINE
                                        CLINTON TOWNSHIP
                                        COMMERCE TOWNSHIP
                                        DEARBORN HEIGHTS
                                        DRAYTON PLAINS
                                        EAST DETROIT
                                        EAST LANSING
                                        EATON RAPIDS
                                        FARMINGTON HILLS
                                        FLAT ROCK
                                        FORT GRATIOT
                                        GARDEN CITY
                                        GRAND BLANC
                                        GRAND LEDGE
                                        GROSSE ILE
                                        GROSSE POINTE
                                        HARPER WOODS
                                        HARRISON TOWNSHIP
                                        HARSENS ISLAND
                                        HAZEL PARK
                                        HUNTINGTON WOODS
                                        IMLAY CITY
                                        KEEGO HARBOR
                                        LAKE ORION
                                        LINCOLN PARK
                                        LUNA PIER
                                        MADISON HEIGHTS
                                        MARINE CITY
                                        MOUNT CLEMENS
                                        MOUNT MORRIS
                                        NEW BALTIMORE
                                        NEW BOSTON
                                        NEW HUDSON
                                        OAK PARK
                                        PLEASANT RIDGE
                                        PORT AUSTIN
                                        PORT HOPE
                                        PORT HURON
                                        PORT SANILAC
                                        RIVER ROUGE
                                        ROYAL OAK
                                        SAINT CLAIR
                                        SAINT CLAIR SHORES
                                        SHELBY TOWNSHIP
                                        SOUTH LYON
                                        STERLING HEIGHTS
                                        SWARTZ CREEK
                                        UNION LAKE
                                        WALLED LAKE
                                        WEST BLOOMFIELD
                                        WHITE LAKE
                                        WHITMORE LAKE

                                        1. re: rainsux

                                          Dude....CORUNNA food is horrid :)

                                2. I'm not even from Michigan yet I support their wishes. If they want to become a splinter group what's the big deal? If they are curious about what is going on in other areas around the Great Lakes they can visit the Great Lakes part of the board.

                                  1. I am also strongly in support of a Detroit Metro board. It can be very confusing to visit CH, looking for a specific suburb of this huge metro area, having to wade through posts from OH, IN, etc... especially if one is just visiting the area. Detroit has so many suburbs, and even having lived here for a few years now, I still can't necessarily identify them all. I actually think this would stimulate growth and unity among Detroit metro CH posters (and more efficiently help those planning to visit the area).

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                                    1. re: IndyGirl

                                      And the answer is.... No answer. We will get back to you. ..CH is code for Comcast I quess.

                                      1. re: IndyGirl

                                        SE Michigan: Calling out.. CQ, CQ, DX (attention caller Long distance) We can and will generate enough traffic on the SE Michigan channel but Jacq...?L?. has been vague and whatever.

                                        The board obviously wants our support or they couldn't sell content advertising. We have three choises. 1. withdraw to another more friendly forum. I couldn't Yellow another idea that met that criteria but it may exist. 2. express our distaste for being a focused enthused group that is included in the larger area that wants its' own voice by posting vociferously and drowning out those welcome but minor players and 3. Get a SE Michigan board. It seems so simple as MSP has a board for a few devoted foodies that stay inside in the winter..(joking).

                                        After this idiot NY rep. puts his frankfurter in his pants we hope to expect that CH mods will finally realize we love the forum. WE SUPPORT CH> think about it....just a little...We have rebuilt Detroit. CH SE Michigan will be a cake walk.

                                        1. re: goatgolfer

                                          There is a Google group called GUDetroit that everyone could join and post at also. The people are great, very welcoming, many involved in local businesses and most/all posts are about the Metro Detroit area restaurants, food trends, events going on. It is a very welcoming group and won't censor opinions or links. They also have a facebook group and website with a blog and have a lot of fun food/drink centric events. There is a potluck picnic this weekend on Belle Isle. Check it out if you're looking for more SE Michigan dedicated posts.

                                          1. re: goatgolfer

                                            I haven't been trying to be vague, but the information I've given you is what information I have. We generally don't add boards in a one-off fashion, so we're not going to create a Detroit board as a direct result of a thread like this.

                                            With the increase in posts about Detroit since the last time we did a major board resplit, it will definitely be on our list of places to consider for the next round of board changes, but I don't know when that will take place.

                                            1. re: Jacquilynne

                                              I have re-written my response to this general diminishment and disenfranchising of our content and contributions that make CH interesting and useful and therefore available to sell paying advertisement that I won't. Not today.