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May 11, 2011 08:15 PM

Detroit /SE MIchigan's own board ???? [moved from Great Lakes board]

It's time to raise the issue again. Let's allow the others to have their space and Detroit/SE Michigan to focus on ourselves. Can it be that much more broadband ????

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  1. I'll second there anything we can do to make that happen?

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    1. re: Jack Freeman

      Third! I heard there is one guy in NYC that is getting his own....

    2. I disagree, for the simple reason that after seeing posts from other areas , I recall them when I travel in that direction. It makes the trip a bit more pleasureable to pop in to a place someone wrote of and enjoying their find. What do you think?

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      1. re: itsaboutfood

        I often look at the other boards. There is nothing that prevents me from doing so. I believe this request is about cleaning up the Signal to Noise Ratio for the largest amount of contributors to the current great lakes board.

      2. I strongly support this suggestion. When a metro area has a lot of posts on a regional board, it deserves its own board. That way, local residents as well as visitors can go there when they're looking for advice in that city.

        The last time Chowhound restructured the regional boards, new boards were created for some cities (including Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta) while other, equally-deserving cities were ignored. The Detroit Area has been very active and deserves to have its own board separate from the Great Lakes forum. Other metro areas that deserve their own boards include Cleveland (currently on Great Lakes), St. Louis and Kansas City (currently on Great Plains), and the Triangle Area of North Carolina (currently on Southeast). Shockingly, the suburbs of New York City don't have their own board and are currently thrown in with the rest of the states in which they're located - a travesty that still needs to be addressed.

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          +1 for Detroit Board....the metro Detroit area is 5.8 million people, and the Twin Cities is only 2.85 million people. Love the Twin Cities, but we are TWICE their size and we deserve our own.

          1. re: momskitchen

            Yup, I'm a big Vikings fan. But, I do get kind of bummed when people post about distant MSP suburbs on the Great Lakes board. If it doesn't belong on the MSP board, then it CERTAINLY doesn't belong on a board primarily frequented by Indianapolis/Cleveland/Detroit folk. Please.

            And, while I enjoy sunny Phoenix, I must say that the post traffic (not to pick a fight over food quality), is obviously greater in the Motor City.

            In any event, love the board. Just offering "continuous improvement" thoughts.

        2. A detroit board is well deserved by the awesome detroit chowhounders!!