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Restaurants with soft shell crabs in Palm Beach or Broward

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Has anyone seen soft shell crabs on the menu?

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  1. Rustic Inn is always a safe bet. But always best to call ahead.

    1. Riggins Crab House in Lantana has them.

      1. I was quite impressed with the soft shell crab sandwich at myhurricanealley.com in Boynton Beach....Not one, but 2 crabs make for a fantastic sandwich.

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          Yes, just one soft shell crab doesn't quite make a properly filled sandwich in my opinion.


        2. Sorry, Don't know why the link didn't post....... Just google.. Hurricane Alley, Boynton

          1. Thanks freaker........ I guess I forgot the www

            1. If you can cook up your own the Fish Peddler fish market in Lauderdale by Sea sells them most days in season and they are fresh not frozen and delicious!!

              1. We were just at Mojo on N. Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale...First time for us and great meal! They had soft shells as one of their specials.

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                  Rustic Inn. U can't lose there.

                2. Had soft shell crabs at Renzo's of Boca last night. They were a special so I would call to be sure he has them.