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May 11, 2011 07:14 PM

don't roll eyes, but advice on 25th anniversary lunch choices

My husband and I going to Paris for 5 days at the end of June - celebrating our 25th anniversary. It's pretty special for us, frankly. We can't afford dinner at one of the biggies, but were hoping lunch would be a bit more affordable. Right now I'm looking at Taillevent, Le Cinq, and Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenee. Originally I was hoping for a Sat lunch, but I think Friday will have to do as Taillevant and Alain aren't open on Sat. But I think Le Cinq is. My husband has never been to Paris. I have, but it was almost 20 years ago and was traveling on a shoestring then.

Is there anything to consider in making a choice between these? I'd like to make a reservation pretty quickly because I'm trying to firm up our eating plan and need to make reservations at other restaurants. I've noticed I've spent more time researching food than sights so far...hahaha...

Thanks, thanks in advance!

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  1. For me it would be Le Cinq where we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in September.
    OK the food may not be as creative as PG or Arpege, but there are few places in the world where you can lunch in such opulence and I agree, a wedding anniversary is pretty special. Congratulations!

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      Le Cinq for lunch, without a doubt. Leave time for a stroll of the hotel lobby where the flowers are the best I have ever seen in a hotel.. Better still would be a drink or glass of champagne in the hotel's intimate bar. Special.

      The 85 euro lunch is well worth it. The Sommelier staff is tops, without an ounce of pretense. The atmosphere, service and food (modern French with a Japanese accent) make it a memorable Parisian experience.

      Happy Anniversary!

      1. re: cortez

        Thank you for the suggestions. Le Cinq it is!!

        1. re: antoniac

          If possible, could you report back after your visit? Thanks.

            1. re: antoniac

              I disliked the room at Le Cinq and the overall hotel ambiance, but of course others may disagree. if you're into wine, Taillevent has a great wine list even at the lower end, under E100 per bottle. Prix fixe lunches are in the same ballpark in terms of quality.

              1. re: zizouz

                I agree with Zizouz these three places are all very good albeit with slightly different styles. Le Cinq has been championed on this board for a number of years and therefore there is quite a significant skew towards it.

                We had just as good a meal at Taillevent (OK the flower displays are not as big) and I am certain the Plaza Athenee is outstanding. You will have a great experience at Le Cinq but it isn't the only place that delivers.

    2. While the places you chose are great, here is another just to throw a wrench into the works. Le Grand Vefour in Palais Royale has a stunning room. great service, satisfactory food, and a cheese plate that is the top of Paris. If cheese is your thing, consider it.