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May 11, 2011 07:03 PM

Buenos Aires food and wine.

Hello everyone!!!

Is my very first time in Buenos Aires and I'm looking for and advice about where to eat where the locals eat and drink.

Please let me know your choice for a good traditional non expensive steak with Argentina wine, Pasta, International, gourmet, fast food for the hurry days, a good place for breakfast,
Maybe a good place for desert, gelato, etc.

To be honest I am going to be In Buenos Aires to eat and enjoy I am open to suggestions.

Again Thank You All.


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  1. The South American board isn't terribly active so you may want to read these firsts:

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    1. I am on extended stay in BsAs -- here are a couple of my favorites:

      Spring Vegetarian - best lunch buffet for fresh veggies

      Casa Mun - best sushi (without creme cheese) + Asian fusion cuisine

      1. Buenos Aires is definitely the best place to go if you enjoy goof food and wine!
        I recommend Las Cabras - a restaurant in Palermo, which serves excellent steaks!! at a much more reasonable price than most upmarket parillas. definitely worth a visit!

        as to wines in Buenos's not hard to find a good wine (even the chinese supermarkets have a better selection that most wine boutique we have back home:)

        I visited a great winery in Buenos Aires and went for a tasting...I highly recommend it!! it's great to get an idea of all the great wines that are out there...and teaches you how best to combine it with different food types.
        I booked mine online - with a tours company called Bsas4u. Great service and price...
        they took me to this great vinoteca in palermo.

        1. Hi Joseph, I just returned from a trip to Argentina with my family. Similar to you, we prefer to eat at places that locals go. A couple restaurant tips for your trip:

          -If you want to go to a local steakhouse I'd recommend you try and talk to locals and ask their recommendations. Every neighborhood has great steakhouses filled with locals but you really have to know where to go. We found that many of the more popular traditional restaurants don't have signs since all the locals know where to go

          -The parrilla tour food tour we went on went to a few of this sort of places and we got an explanation of the foods and got generous tastes of everything. Outstanding food.

          -We had a great meal our last night at cafe san juan in San Telmo. Reservations are a must.

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            We had an amazing meal in a good Parrillada called "M", also a nice buffet in follow the cow or something like puerto madero.

            Great city for good wine and a nice meal, thanks for your advice and counseling.

          2. does anyone know a buffet kind sigue a la vaca"

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              A small chain. I ate at the Pto Madero location about 4 years ago. I haven't been back. It was perfectly fine.

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                Thank you very much!!! very useful.