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Need Blog Name

I need to start a blog becuase my J school professors are pushing me to do so. I want to do foodie bog about cooking on a college budget. And drinking beer. But I need a name! I can't think of one. My name is Ashley and I go to the University. I am not an expert at cooking, but I love it anyways. Half the time it's a disaster and the other half it's heaven on a plate. So there is a little information. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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  1. Didn't search the interwebs to see if these are taken, but:
    The Student's Stove
    More Than Beer In The Fridge
    Ash's College Cuisine
    Baking the Grade
    First Study, Then Cook (Then Have Some Beer!)

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      I love the student's stove and college cuisine! Thanks!

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        Caprese Stacy is incredible! I read the requirements and was stuck off the line.
        How about: "Learning to Cook, but Know How to Marinade"?

    2. Gourmet Hot Plate
      Ramen Revamped
      Life Beyond the Meal Ticket
      Studious Cooks
      Bountiful on a Budget

      1. Ashley’s 3 C’s – College, Cooking & Cerveza
        Ashley’s Appetite – Cooking and Drinking on a Student’s budget
        Ashley’s Appetizing Adventures
        On A Student’s Plate
        No Ramen - Cooking and eating well on a student's budget

        1. I have a little experince in running a foodie blog ;) and suggest you keep the name short, simple and catchy. collegefoodie.com is taken but campusfoodie is avail and is broad enough so that you can include campus area eatery/bar reviews and maybe even a behind the scenes at the cafeteria or student foodie cookoff to benefit a charity/school organization. And don't forget to link to all appropriate social media platforms.

          good luck and feel free to send me a message if you need any advice!

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            I see some liked campusfoodie.com - it's now gone :(

            1. EatInCollege.com (i.e. Eton College)

              1. BrokeFatBackMountain.com (I dunno, I am just goofing off now)

                1. Braised On Campus (Braised In School)

                  Wait, this is Journalism School?

                  Woodward And Burned It

                  Woodward and Beer Stein

                  1. SushiGradeJournalism

                    Grade A Diary

                    First In Bass

                    Bakin' The Grade

                    (someone stop me)

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                        As long as I am not on a troll (crap, this is getting bad)

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                          Hey, if that's what floats your sushi boat...

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                        I already offered "Baking the Grade," but I like "Braised on Campus." Nice offerings.

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                          I did not even see that. Great minds and all that...