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May 11, 2011 05:02 PM

Boudin noir?

Oyama doesn't have any more boudin nour till....SEPTEMBER!!??!!

Is there any way for me to satiate my boudin addiction in the meantime? Anybody else sell boudin noir?

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  1. The closest I've come to the boudin noir is the morcela (a Portugese Blood sausage) from several of the Portugese shops in Vancouver. I was on a morcilla hunt last fall which lead me to Oyama. I bought a big supply of bourdin noir and morcilla from Oyama at Christmas. It freezes well. It was my first time trying boudin noir and his version was even better that the morcilla. The Portugese morcela is from a supplier in Toronto and is more similar to the Spanish morcilla.

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      Oyama has on ocasion "dried" blood sausages...tried them...like them a lot bu these might not be for everyone (strong flavors)......their "fresh" blood sausages (2 types I think) are not so good (IMHO). Another place that has blood sausages is Market Meats on 4th (http://www.marketmeats.com/). I was told that these are made by a "British" butcher....tried them...nothing special.
      GoaGirl - where in Vancouver are the Portugese shops you bought blood sausages from?

      1. re: Pollo

        There are two places that I usually go to get my Portugese supplies......
        Universal Bakery at 3815 Rupert St (they also have great Pasties de Nata)
        Latin Supermarket at 1680 E. 13th
        The farinheira sausages are also very tasty, just panfried with some scrambled eggs.

        Universal Bakery
        3815 Rupert St, Vancouver, BC V5R2G7, CA