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May 11, 2011 04:47 PM

The Porter House, Montvale

Has anyone been to this restaurant? We want to meet some friends that live in New City and thought that Montvale area would be a good area to meet distance wise. How is their food? Thanks for any info.

The Porter House
125 N Kinderkamack Rd, Montvale, NJ 07645

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  1. About 1/2 mile further North is Quinta Steakhouse, in Pearl River. A much better choice, IMHO. Don't miss the Vinho Verde, a rare treat in these parts...

    1. I like the Porter House. Good food -- burgers, steak, etc. It's not high-end steakhouse quality steak, but it is good. Every single time I am there, I enjoy myself. They allow smoking (cigars as well) in the bar, but they have dining rooms that are seperate so no need to worry.

      If you are looking for steak, not too far is the Park Steakhouse in neighboring Park Ridge. Personally, I think it's slipped and is inconsistant, but others say they have regrouped and found their stride. I haven't been there in about a year.

      IMO -- go Porter House.

      The Porter House
      125 N Kinderkamack Rd, Montvale, NJ 07645

      Park Steakhouse
      151 Kinderkamack Rd, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

      1. Thanks for the replies. I will look into the two that you recommended, but, it doesn't have to be a steakhouse by any means just a good restaurant. in that area.

        1. So where did you end up going?

          I heard a rumor that the Porter House got sold and underwent some renovations. Any truth(s), anyone know anything? Thanks in advance.

          The Porter House
          125 N Kinderkamack Rd, Montvale, NJ 07645

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            Don' t know if they got sold, but we've been there a few times with varying results. The outdoor seating is great in the nice weather - food has at times been wonderful and other times really mediocre. Burgers were consistently good. Apps were rather boring. Bf enjoyed the different types of local beers.

          2. Thanks for asking, but, due to schedules we probably won't be getting together for another month or so. I will post after we have dinner there.