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May 11, 2011 04:42 PM

GE microwave problems and alternate recomendations

we are in need of replacing our ge microwave. it was here when we moved in and is probably about 10 years old so i can't fault it. we were thinking about the ge advantium which we had in our old house before we moved. we had no problems with it but looking at the various consumer reviews of current models, not just the advantium, we are seeing too many complaints about units failing far too soon for one reason or another. as much as we like the style and features of the ge's, we are open to suggestions regarding other brands. does anyone here have any experience with these or other units? we don't mind spending for something good but obviously we want something that will last more than a couple of years.

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  1. i'm surprised no one here has any issues. oh well.

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      You're going to find people complaining about every brand at some point. I don't share your experience, however. We purchased a GE Profile about 6 years ago and it's been a stellar performer (and it's used several times a day).

      1. re: ferret

        thanks. i knew someone here had one of these. we had an advantium in our old house that didn't give us any problems but it was pretty new when we moved. the kitchen in our new house has two ovens so we don't really need convection. we're looking at profile among others now.

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          I have a combination convection/microwave by GE. It has been flawless for the last 4 years. It replaced a former GE combo that's only problem was that the latch hook caught on the sleeve of my sweatshirt and broke off. No function without interlock, glued it a few times but then gave it up.