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May 11, 2011 04:17 PM


ive seen this parking on marshall in Northeast on my way home and i was wondering if this was worth playing hookie from work for a day


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  1. Looks good, though I haven't tried it. Per their calendar it also looks like they have evening and weekend locations -- hookie is purely at your discretion.

    Twitter here for current location: http://twitter.com/#!/gastrotruck

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      Sounds interesting. Ego about running some of the best kitchens in the country stated on website must be backed up on the street. Sourcing looks good and menu sounds simple enough to be possible. Will report back.

    2. Stopped by the Gastrotruck for the first time today and the first impression is very positive. Had the chicken tacos - slow roasted chicken, cabbage slaw, sour cream on flour tortillas - two tacos for $5 that were quite tasty, especially with a liberal dollop of their homemade habanero hot sauce.

      Definitely appreciate their commitment to local and humanely raised meats, which was evidenced by the woman that took my order walking over to the STP farmer's market next door to pick up ingredients for tomorrow's menu. Will definitely be hitting them up again.

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        Hmmm...that's as cheap as Rusty Taco's tacos, and I'd be willing to bet their quality and flavor are head and shoulders above RT. Trolling around Capitol streets ISO Gastrotruck tomorrow, anybody?