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May 11, 2011 04:06 PM


single business traveller staying at marriiott on market. Any suggestions for a great philly rest.... Style and price no issue, great food is. Prefer a place a single diner would be comfortable in (ie not romantic) and not too loud. Tried Alma de Cuba lat time, and found it uncomfortable and flat cuisine wise. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd go to Barbuzzo and get a seat the kitchen bar. If you can't get in (it gets crowded), check out Zavino a block up or Amis a couple blocks down (past the busy part of the strip), both have bars you can sit at. If on an expense account, skip Zavino for Amis.

    All are on 13th St, the strip starts a block south of Market St (opposite side of the street from your hotel).

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      Apparently bar seats at Barbuzzo are reserved now, they only have a 9:30 seating for a party of 1. But it might be worth walking down there to make sure, if they don't have a seat for you I'd go down to Amis. Zahav's still my recommendation, but if you just want to walk somewhere fast Amis will do nicely.

      Zavino is decent but too cramped and loud for me.

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        My strategy for Barbuzzo and the bar is to get there right as it opens. They will seat you at the bar. I am not sure how many of the bar seats are reflected on Opentable...

        On that same 13th street corridor, Sampan, a Modern Asian restaurant has a bar which is nice to sit at.

        That same corridor you also have Bindi, modern indian where you definitely can grab a table for 1 and it isnt a problem (byo restaurant).

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          Bindi is also cash only, potentially in issue for a business traveler.

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            As long as you know it going in and can get a receipt ... I travel a lot myself (excess of 100k a year) and make it a point to carry cash. But your point is well taken. If you are used to puting everything on the corporate credit card.. it might be a detriment.

    2. If you don't mind walking a little ways (about a mile) or cabbing it, Zahav is my favorite place in the city and they have an 8pm and 815pm seating for a lone diner according to Opentable. Get the Ta'Yim prix fixe. Get the kibbe naya.

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      1. re: Buckethead

        Zahav is awesome, also has a bar that you can sit at and not feel out of place.

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          Another Yes for Zahav, great location, excellent bar, friendly place with unusual, interesting food choices.

      2. Seeing that you're so close to Chinatown (right behind the hotel) I think you'd find Rangoon at 112 North 9th Street a really intriguing dining event. If you've never had Burmese (Thai, Indian, Cambodian and Chinese influences). Huge menu and a very welcoming staff.

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            I bet he ended up at Maggiano's ;))