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May 11, 2011 03:53 PM

Crispy Sweet Potato Cakes at Yaya (No-MSG Sichuan) in West Covina

Based on a tip from a high placed informant (a discerning HK native), I headed over to the recently opened Yaya Restaurant in West Covina's Hong Kong Plaza. (Am I the only who saw the Yaya sign and immediately thought 'Humbert Humbert"?) It was recommended as being very good Sichuan fare and they do have a large range of Sichuan items on the menu. One thing that caught my eye was the crispy sweet potato cake. Now as most of you know, the English language description of a dish at an authentic Chinese restaurant may not completely prepare you for what you receive. This was certainly the case here, as the cakes resembled small crab cakes with a crispy bread crumb crust. Inside, the sweet potato filling with smooth and almost custard like. My fish dish was good, too. Street address is 979 S. Glendora Ave. And incidentially, there's something going on inside the market, as a new eatery is being readied. I wish I could read Chinese as all the signage is in Chinese, but it looks to me like another branch of Yum Cha Cafe is going to open up.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    Good to see that plaza food court branch out beyond Indo and Malay eateries.

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      The new bbq/dimsum area is within the store itself, where the boba counter used to be. The food court itself is almost dead as a doorknob, though fortunately Janty Noodle manages to survive along with a couple of Indo-Malay eateries. There is also a separate Indonesian goods enterprise in the store, too.

      Janty Noodle
      989 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA 91790

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        I stumbled upon the Indonesian store-within-a-store last week when I was looking for tamarind paste, which the main store surprisingly didn't have. Walked into the mini-store (narrowly dodging a full-on free-sample assault from the jerky & prunes girls) and whaddya know, there it was. Perhaps HK and the mini-store have a policy of not going head to head on the same items.

        Speaking of Indo-Malay, has anyone tried Penang (not in the food court but in the corner of the mini mall)? I picked up a takeout menu the last time I was at Krua Thai and it looked like interesting Straits-style Malay; having been a bit underwhelmed my last time at Little Malaysia I'm looking to try new options of that sort. Meanwhile, thanks for the heads-up on Yaya!

        Little Malaysia Restaurant
        3944 Peck Rd Ste 8, El Monte, CA 91732

    2. before that buffet opened...I had imagined that spot would be good for a dimsum place...looks like one is one the way. What Yaya next to? I didn't notice it while over there.

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        Yaya is on the same side as the market, a few doors north. Space had previously been occupied by Shang Hai Garden and Little Chili, if they ring any bells.