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May 11, 2011 02:21 PM

Bespoke Chocolate Closing

I imagine there has already been a thread about it - but I can't find it so here we go. Closing this Thursday at 7 p.m. permanently. I'll be stopping by Thursday afternoon for my last fill.

Bespoke Chocolates
6 Extra Pl, New York, NY 10003

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  1. i've never been. what am i missing?

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      1. re: uwsister

        they were solid truffles but i recall paying $10ish for 3 of these...a bit crazy.

    1. Beautiful chocolates, I'm sorry Bespoke closed! I loved each of the three I tried: Southampton Tea Truffle < Pretzel-Covered Caramel < Honey Lavender Caramel. RIP.

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      1. re: sheio

        I made it literally ten minutes before closing and got my last share of chocolates. Alas they didn't last the night! RIP Bespoke. You will be missed.