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May 11, 2011 02:12 PM

Newport Casual Seafood Restaurant

Visiting Newport in June for our 5th wedding anniversary. Have our "special" dinner reservations made for Bowen's but am looking for a rec for the other night. Since we'll be eating steak at Bowen's, I'm interested in a restaurant that favors seafood. Other things I'm looking for:

*Good food
*Lower price point than Bowen's
*Fairly casual
*Good drinks
*Fun atmosphere
*Downtown/Waterfront area so we can walk

Also looking for places to have drinks while we are there. We are in our early 30s and enjoy a fun bar/restaurant for drinks - no club or dance scene places please.

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  1. I think Scales would fit your needs very well. Great seafood!

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    1. re: jdgall

      Scales is a great call,have a dark and stormy across the street at Zeldas before dinner...

    2. Don't forget Scales is cash or checks only. That caught us off guard.

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      1. re: Alica

        Thanks for the heads up. We never carry cash so would definitely need to plan ahead if we go with this rec.

      2. Totally agree on the Scales and Shells rec.

        On you drinks query, my favorite fun but not scene-y watering holes are:

        *Pour Judgement, on lower Broadway (excellent reasonably priced food as well - the same ownership group just opened The Speakeasy on Thames)
        *The Tiki Bar at Salvation Cafe on Broadway (which should be reopening from their remodel any day now)
        *Norey's on Broadway (great craft beer list)
        *Perro Salado (excellent and creative margaritas)
        *Fluke (craft cocktails are their specialty - tho many are quite tart/sour)
        *The Moorings (some very professional bar staff in this joint)
        *Upstairs at Tallulah's on lower Thames (could stop in on your way to Scales)
        *41 North (the drinks are pricier than other spots in town, but the water views are awfully nice)
        *Top of Newport - on the roofdeck at the Viking Hotel (I could not get enough of their fresh cucumber/blueberry cocktail last summer - seriously, it was an addiction).
        *The Fastnet - everyone's favorite pub (an excellent pint of Guinness and live Irish music on Sunday nights)

        Hope this helps.

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        1. re: debtslave

          Sounds like a great list of drink spots. You've covered a bit of everything.