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May 11, 2011 01:35 PM

Dinning in King of Prussia

I've lived in the KOP area my entire life and i'm honestly getting pretty tired of the usual places. I know of many great places that are about 15-20 minutes away but I'm looking for some places right in my back yard! With that said, would anyone happen to know of any great Japanese, Chinese, American, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, South American/ Latin American, or Indian restaurants in the KOP, Norristown, Collegville area? Any restaurants that are actually worth frequenting often?

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  1. how about kabob cafe in gateway shopping center.....

    1. Thai L'Elephant on Bridge St in Phoenixville has great Thai food, I love their Green Curry and Pad Thai.

      1. Taqueria La Michoacana in Norristown. - Beef Tounge Tacos
        Osteria at Evansburg in Collegeville. - Mussels
        Probably two places you wouldn't go without a recommendation.
        Can't forget to zip up 422 to Han Dynasty off the Royersford exit. - Dan Dan Noodles.
        I frequent all three of these often and above are my favorites.

        1. Thank you all for the recommendations.
          To 94Bravo, is L'Elephant the newly opened Thai bistro in Phoenixville where there once was a crepe shop? If so i've been wanting to check the place out and I think I will now do so.

          To VTRP, I have actually been to Osteria a few times, I found their food to be good but a bit over priced. I must say that their muscles are great and that their veal piccata is also good. I have also heard good things about Taqueria La Michoacana and i'm very eager to try the Beef Tongue Tacos that you speak of! For Chinese I typically venture out to Chesterbrook to Royal Asian Cuisine(Formerly royal Mandarin). The place has great, cheap Chinese food. But i'll definitely be sure to check out Han Dynasty since it won best of philly this year.

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            Pho Thai Nam has moved to East Norriton so you can get their Vietnamese food (Bun, Pho, spring rolls etc.) along with some decent Thai (but not in the same category as Thai L'Elephant.) Personally prefer some of the other ones in the burbs, (such as Vietnam Cafe... ) but it will give you a Vietnamese food fix.

            Not quite as good as Taquiera La Michoacana but worth visiting is El Limon in Conshohocken. No lengua, or al pastor, but good authentic tacos made with pork, chicken, beef or chorizo. These days the hardest thing to do is to get to Conshy what with Route 23 being worked on.

            Japanese, only decent place anywhere near by if you havent been is Blue Fin.

            If you want to try a little dive of a diner with german food try Andy's Place in Bridgeport. Great Schnitzel and sauerbrauten.

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              I have found that if you're looking for good sushi in the area, Ooka out in Montgomeryville does a great job. As for traditional Japanese food besides sushi, I think i'll just have to go down into the city for that.

              cwdonald, would you happen to know of anywhere in the area where I can get a good, authentic Ban Minh sandwich? Also, would you happen to know of any places that are good for Japanese Ramen/ Chinese hot pot? City included.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Pho Thai Nam is really excellent for their Pho. I've had several other dishes, but seem to always go back for the Pho.

                Great call on Andy's Place. Andy himself is a machine, basically runs the whole place by himself and his prices are incredible.

            2. Definitely try Han Dynasty, best Chinese I've ever eaten. If you like spice, this is your place, don't even think about ordering extra hot!! (Not that everything is spicy, but if it says it is, believe it.) The only Chinese restaurant I've been to lately that is usually packed with Chinese people! Han has an Americanized menu and tradition Chinese menu. Just wonderful!
              For Italian if you don't mind a little longer ride say on a Friday night, everyone should check out Anthony's Trattoria up near Mt Penn (this side of Reading a few minutes off of 422). I've not found an Italian restaurant in SE, PA that comes remotely close. The cream of garlic soup is the best you will have any where in the world!!!
              Definitely worth the drive!

              Anthony's Trattoria
              540 Milltown Rd, North Brunswick, NJ 08902