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May 11, 2011 01:23 PM

Vegetarian and in Paris

Just wondering if there are any Michelin star restaurants in Paris that do a tasting that is vegetarian or at least has something vegetarian friendly on their menu.

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  1. Just do a search on Arpege on this board.

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    1. re: PBSF

      Thank you! Oddly enough I was already on their website but couldn't find a menu so just put it in my investigate later pile.

      1. re: demonachizer

        Haven't dined there in 3 years. From what I've gathered, the vegetable lunch tasting menu is 140 euro, the dinner tasting menu which has seafood/meat is 355euro. Other posters might chime in with the exact cost and also the price of the dinner vegetable tasting menu. A three course vegetable will be around 250euro with lots of extras thrown in.

        1. re: PBSF

          I was just there in April, and we had a vegan lunch tasting menu and it was 120 euro. I didn't check out the wine list, but wine by the glass was pretty reasonable at 16 euro. The vegetable a la carte menu ran around 50 - 70 euro a dish while the dinner tasting menu was 360 euro.