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May 11, 2011 01:20 PM

cruzcampos beer


i am looking to sell this beer at my restaurant. does anyone know who the east cost rep is?

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  1. It was last imported into the US by the Heineken-owned US importer, "Star Brands" in 2004. (It's brewed by Heineken EspaƱa, S.A).

    Heineken has since closed that second import company (their main US import division is Heineken USA), and some of those beers moved to two other independent companies and I appears that Cruzcampo fell into the cracks and is no longer imported, since there's no current US label approval for the brand.

    Besides the above companies you could also contact Heineken USA in White Plains, NY (Google'll turn up phone numbers and email addresses) but don't expect much help or knowledge. I spoke to one person there about the Heineken-owned Irish brands Murphy's and Beamish, and they claimed that Heineken didn't own them. I had to read their own website back to them...

    1. Cruz Campo was originaly brewed in Sevillle, a city I visited several times and fell in love with and drank a lot of Cruz Campo while there.

      Later I was involved in a effort to import it to the US. After a meeting with brewery officials and presenting a business plan, we thoght we would have a shot at it. We didn't know that the brewey was partially owned by the Stroh family of Detriot which at the time was having difficulties We were working on label approval and had proposed an agreement to help with packaging for the market and setting up a finacial arrangment with Cruz campo when the conversation went quiet. We learned that an American brewery had an interest and we were closed out.

      I believe that Campo at first was brought in by the Coors people when they were moving into the import business and that Coors had a relationship with the Stroh family.
      This is back in the late 80's and for what ever reasons it flopped. I saw it around in a few places but it never got any traction.

      I still belive it could have been a good small player in certain markets with Spanish ex-pats in East coast markets especially Florida and along that coast.

      The beer, by the way, was a good pilsner, they did their own malting used German hops and brewed a pure refreshing style.

      Still have the origainal labels we were working with.


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        Any new info on this? Have a buddy that spent time in seville, and would love to find some for him. Not expecting much, but thought I'd ask. Thanks.