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Cornbread for 12" cast iron skillet recipe please

Hi ,

I’m looking for a cornbread recipe that works well specifically with a 12 inch cast iron skillet. I’m looking for ones that are not sweet or with just a little sugar. I see a lot of recipes but they are for 10 inch or they don’t say what size pan.


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      Saveur magazine had a good one marked for a 12" cast-iron pan. Go to their website (I think it's www.saveur.com) & do a search for "Jalapeno Corn Bread".

    2. Just working with the ratio of 12" v 10, a 12" recipe should have about 2.5 times as much flour and cornmeal as the 10" one. However a 10" recipe might still work in a 12" skillet - it will just be thinner and bake faster. It might even be better - if you like the crisp crust.

      1. I DOUBLE this recipe from the back of the Indian Head Cornmeal bag:

        Cornbread – Indian Head
        * 1 cup yellow corn meal
        * 1 cup flour
        * 1/4 cup sugar
        * 3 teaspoons baking powder
        * 1 teaspoon salt
        * 1/4 cup soft shortening
        * 1 cup milk
        * 1 egg

        1. Preheat oven to 425°. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut in shortening. Beat egg and milk together and add to dry ingredients with a few swift strokes. Bake in a greased 9x9x2-inch pan for 20 to 25 minutes.

        1. If the recipe calls for a modest amount of sugar (e.g. 1/4c) you can easily cut it back to a tablespoon or two, or even omit it, without affecting the baking time, character or structure. I think a more significant variation is the corn meal to flour ratio. I think a pure cornmeal recipe works better with a fine cornmeal, and a good crust to hold it together. Those aren't as important when using equal parts corn and wheat.

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                Sub it for the regular milk; subtract about 1/4 of the baking powder and use soda in its place. Voila.

            1. The Savory Way recipe specifies an 11" pan, but I make it in a 12". It's one of the cornbreads that separates into cornbread with a custard layer in the middle - magic! Here it is: http://www.mademoisellecocotte.com/po...

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              1. I remember Joy of Cooking's version to be a good stand by

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                  The 1997 Joy has two basic versions, northern and southern. But both are for 8x8 or 9x9 pans, which does not address the OP's 12" request (except by way scaling).

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                    It seems most recipes just aren’t made for a 12 inch skillet. I guess trying to scale one is the best option. Ttriple a recipe for a 8 inch and double for a 10 inch is close enough to start with.

                    I should be more specific, a lower sugar recipe and one that’s not 1:1 cornmeal : flour is what im after. Maybe a couple TBL spoons flour if any.


                2. Don't make this More complicated than it is ......I've used 2 ~ 4 and 6 generous cups of meal in a 12 in skillet...Normally I don't use flour ~~ Never sugar!! ~~ Obviously the difference is the thickness of the pone...It depends on what you want...When making bread for Cornbread dressing for the Holidays we use 6 generous cups for a very thick pone...For day in and day out bread we use a 8 in. or a 10 in. skillet depending on how many are eating ~~~. Find a recipe that you like (or develop your own) and double, triple, or quadruple it depending on your needs. ~~ Any recipe you find that says use a 10 in, skillet will work in a 12 in....the pone will just be a little thinner in a 12 in pan.... Want it thicker?? When it says two cups meal...use 3. etc. etc. etc. HTH

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