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May 11, 2011 12:11 PM

Knockout cake recipe needed

Hi everyone,

I'm gearing up for doing a set of wedding cakes for a wedding that's happening on May 21 (eep!). I have 2/3 recipes completely set along with all my equipment, but the last darn cake is being a pain in the butt. I've done 2 test cakes and was happy with neither.

This cake is going to be 10 in square, so no particular worries about stacking. I've tried a yellow butter cake and a genoise (both out of the Cake Bible) and neither worked for me. The genoise was soaked with the suggested amount of Kahlua syrup, but it was still lackluster.

I'm doing a espresso swiss buttercream, but the cake and possibly the filling (if I don't just use the coffee buttercream) are still up in the air. I'm open to anything other than chocolate (we already have a killer chocolate cake), but it should be moist and rich (the couple's preference).

So in short: I need a cake that will be appropriate for a 10 in square with espresso swiss buttercream. Any help would be MOST appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. It sounds like an Opera Cake might work -- joconde, espresso buttercream, ganache, and espresso syrup. I'm sure you can find a recipe online, or in any classic French baking book. Normally the top layer is ganache, but you could switch it up with a final layer of buttercream.

    1. moist and rich, you say... Tres Leches :) ...alas perhaps not elegant enough for a wedding...

      1. The frosting made me think of hazelnut. This might be a good starting point:

        1. I JUST took my joconde out of the oven after one failure. It looks lovely and the crumbs taste great. I won't assemble the whole cake til the end of this week, but the joconde was a great idea. Thanks for all the suggestions :)

          This recipe ended up being the one that worked:

          Note: I really almost ended up going with the hazelnut cake. I think that may end up being made for my own purposes at some point.

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            I made this white cake for my daughter's wedding last summer and have made it many times since (and as mini cupcakes as well). It holds up well, and freezes beautifully.