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May 11, 2011 12:07 PM

Seeking Lunch Suggestions for Fredericksburg???

Hi everyone! This is my first post on Chowhound! My hubby, toddler, and I are stopping into Fredericksburg for a morning/afternoon on our way back from San Antonio to Dallas. We plan on strolling around main street and looking at all the shops before grabbing lunch and heading on our way. Since Fredericksburg is a German town, we figured that we should eat German food for lunch while we were there. (We have a cheap yummy local German restaurant called Henks in Dallas that we love). However, from reading the boards, it appears that the German food restaurants are not necessarily very good - ie. most people recommend Hill Top Cafe or Cranky Franks BBQ as dining options.

So, should we eat German in Fredericksburg? If so, which restaurant is best?

If not German, are there any other places that we can walk to within the main shopping area of Frederickburg (casual/cheap/toddler friendly) that we should consider? I'm not sure if Hilltop is the best option because we would have to drive there and we will likely havea lot of BBQ in San Antonio b/c it is near our hotel.

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  1. We are also headed to Fredericksburg soon and friends who spend a lot of time there recommended The Nest, Navajo Grill and Peach Tree Tea Room. My friends are ladies without toddlers though! Enjoy!

    Navajo Grill
    803 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

    1. Oh, and if you are there on a Wed-Sun, this diner at the airport looks fun for a child. Lots to watch while mom and dad eat!

      1. There is a place called Silver Creek Saloon at 310 Main. Has German plus sandwiches and purportedly a good beer selection. There is outdooor dining and it is informal. Looks like one could even take their dog. I know nothing about it but that it is there. BTW, I have eaten around in F'burg and have eaten at The Nest. I would call it upper scale for F'burg, and maybe anywhere else, and would not take toddlers there. It , imo, is also overpriced.

        OTW,, there is sort of a brewpub on Main that has their own beer and sandwiches, etc. I do not know if they are open for lunch.

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          Everything in Fredericksburg is overpriced. To eat that is. Drivers licences are competitive.

        2. Here's where we ate in Fredericksburg:


          Rathskeller, in the basement of the old hospital. Just don't think too much about the implications. The menu offered some different and innovative choices (smoked salmon over potato cake topped with two eggs, sour cream and a dollop of caviar; duck breast hash topped with two eggs, each about $10), but they had just plain eggs your way also. The food was well prepared, and hot (a bit of a heavy hand with the salt in the potato cake, in light of the salty caviar) , the coffee local, the service persons, attentive. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          Rather Sweet Bakery: located in a quiet shaded courtyard off Main Street. Amazing looking cookies, scones and kolaches. The organic omelettes, we ordered, just okay. Espresso served.

          Mahaley's Cafe, corner of Main and Washington: Fantastic tacos on homemade tortillas, Mexican white cheese grated from the block and a homemade salsa that I could drink. They ran out of the chorizo early. The clear breakfast winner. Informal old gas station, good for kids.


          Fredericksburg Brewery: The beers are cold and about $4/pint. The fried jalapenos are fresh red and green peppers sliced into wheels, dipped in their own beer batter and deep fried. The rest of the menu is similarly fresh and local. Local sausage and cheese with a side is a "just right" small meal found on the appetizer menu. Kids/families were here, along with groups of business types meeting and doing business. We were not here on a weekend.

          Silver Creek: stopped in because of the delightfully shady patio and left because of the $12 cheese soup-y spinach/artichoke dip served in bread bowl with no visible artichoke or artichoke flavor and the seriously deficient wine list.

          Navajo Grill: This is fine dining and pricey. The bacon wrapped quail was moist, and on a bed of root vegetables and kale with a cherry demi-glace, and I would have like to have seen more spring complements in May. The shitake penne which my better half ordered was very light on the shitake, the whole reason for the choice, but I loved the fresh herb, spinach, poblano pesto on the penne, which was VERY al dente and so most of what I didn't poach from the plate went pack to the kitchen. At $18, it was an expensive plate of penne and herbs. They may have had a children's menu, but I doubt children would like the quiet, somber mood here. I don't even recall any music.

          We didn't make it to Cranky Franks which is only open for lunch, or the two most obvious German family eateries: Auslander and DerLindenbaum because, while I'm made of German stock, I'm not a huge fan of schnitzel.

          Hope you had a good stop here! So much to do here and in the surrounding areas. I was so impressed by the LBJ ranch and home nearby, which opened to the public 2008 following the death of Lady Bird. Beautiful.

          Auslander Restaurant
          323 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

          Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe
          249 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

          Navajo Grill
          803 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

          Mahaley's Cafe
          341 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

          1. Rathskeller for breakfast of biscuits and gravy a couple of years ago was fab. It's a cool place, too. Hubby had something else and enjoyed it but I can't recall what he ordered.

            If you have time for a detour, Alamo Springs is GREAT for burgers and other interesting options. If you are interested, search the board or google it. It's not walking distance... About 20 miles, I think.

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              I second the Alamo Springs Cafe, not just good burgers but great burgers. This time of year after eating at Alamo Springs you can also take in the bats at the Old Tunnel Wildlife area. A bonus in addition to great food.