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May 11, 2011 11:56 AM

Affordable Mexican Catering for Mexican Traditional Wedding

I am trying to find a catering company or a mom and pop place that will cater a wedding.
I want the basic mexican foods- tamales, enchiladas, rice and beans and other mexican dishes.

I want the decor of the catering to be pottery style (talavera) if there is anyone that knows what I am talking about please forward me any and all suggestions. I am trying to have a unique wedding wear everything is custom/mexican down to the bowls and plates.

Anywhere in the Southern California/ Riverside/ San Fernando Valley areas.

I thank you in advanced.

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  1. I can offer two Long Beach options, simply because I like them (and the owners are all mensches): Enrique's on PCH at Loynes, and Baja Sonora on Clark at Spring.

    Enrique's actually catered my wedding. I can't recall the exact cost, but it was quite reasonable. And the food was terrific.

    Baja Sonora is standard Mexican fare (I guess leaning to Sonoran and/or Tex-Mex), but it's damn tasty. And I would think their catering would be just as good.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions, but here are mine...!

    Baja Sonora
    2940 Clark Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

    1. If the Winnetka area of the San Fernando Valley is of interest, I have attended many a party catered by Carrillo's Deli at 19744 Sherman Way, just west of Corbin. Delicious delicious food and they cater functions all the time. Call them and ask your questions and see if they might be up to your demands: 818.887.8118.

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          1. Hi there, who did you end up using? I'm looking for similar situation- delicious, slightly elevated Mexican food for my wedding in Oct. thanks!

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              I ended up going with a custom catering order from Fridas in Glendale, they catered my event and we had great reviews about the food. One thing though, they are pricey! If you can get a chef or someone in the industry to do a side deal with you, that would be ultimate. Then hire your own waiters.