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May 11, 2011 11:49 AM

3 days in Philadephia in August with family

I'm headed to Philly for 3 days in August with wife and two kids (9,12). I have reviewed several threads but most seem to involve the extremes (i.e. either Bec Fin or cheesesteak places) Interested in finding interesting authentic Philly fare. Kids have broad tastes and are definitely not "kids menu" types. Particularly interested in South Philly Italian and perhaps Chinatown for dinners unless something else comes to mind that should not be missed. We can do cheesesteaks for lunch. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are tons of great options, depending on price point, part of the city, etc. My kids are just a little younger than yours, and we have lots of casual to nicer go-to restaurants.

    In Chinatown, I recommend Vietnam and Rangoon (neither are Chinese, obviously, but both are great. Rangoon is our family favorite--lots of unique flavors and something for everyone). Sang Kee (cantonese) and Han Dynasty (szechuan) are good for Chinese.

    I can't help you as much with the Italian, but in general, most of mid to upper range restaurants are fine with kids. We love Distrito (Mexican) and Amada (tapas). Any of the South Philly mexican joints are also good for kids. For French bistro, Parc on Rittenhouse Square is good (not great, but the best of the French places for kids). For fancy pizza, Stella or Zavino would work.

    Definitely plan on a walk-through of Reading Terminal Market, either for breakfast, lunch, or both. Many great choices for all palates. Everyone can pick what they like and eat at one of the center tables.

    Well, that's a start. If you have more specific requests, feel free to ask.

    1. For South Philly Italian, I'd recommend Dante and Luigi's (cash only, old school), Tre Scalini (reasonably priced classics, BYOB), Le Virtu (great pastas and house cured meats), and Carluccio's (small, good portions for sharing, BYOB). All are appropriate for older kids. And, I think the food is excellent at each.

      If you wander through the Italian Market, pick up sandwiches from Paesano's.

      Also, if you search the board for "south philly" you'll get some good threads on a lot of great, cheap eats there. It can be a little bit of a walk from City Hall, but catch the subway or a cab and it's a really quick trip.

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        While in South Philly, stop at Termini Bakery for a cannoli or some other pastry. It's a real throwback spot. They'll give you a tour of the place if its not crazy busy. Kids would probably like it a lot.