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May 11, 2011 09:23 AM

Outdoor Dining or Outdoor Waterfront Dining in DC/Baltimore/Annapolis/or coastline near the major cities?

I have a special occasion coming up and will need to host a party of 10. We are looking for a restaurant with either (1) outdoor seating (nice view, no smog) or (2) outdoor waterfront seating.
Option (2) is much preferred!

I've been researching with no luck. The Rusty Scupper in Baltimore only accommodates outdoor waterfront dining for event hosting and Pusser's Caribbean Grille in Annapolis doesn't take reservations for their outdoor waterfront tables.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.

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  1. Have you tried Harris Crab House

    433 Kent Narrow Way
    Grasonville, MD 21638
    (410) 827-9500

    Harris Crab House
    433 Kent Narrow Way N, Grasonville, MD 21638

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    1. re: agarnett100

      The Crab Deck in Kent Narrows is down the street from Harris and is also very good. both offer waterfront dining and outdoor seating. another waterfront place is Cantlers in Annapolis. The food at Pussars in annapolis is average but it is a lovely place to grab a round of cocktails. Nearby but not exactly water front, and not outdoor seating is a great place to eat called Lewnes Restaurant which is a locally owned steak and seafood restaurant.

    2. Maybe others can chime in about the food, but I know the view from Indigo Landing in Alexandria is beautiful.

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      1. re: katecm

        View does not make up for the food - or the noise from the airplanes.

        1. re: Steve

          Scratch that, then. It's always been on my "if I had a car" list. I guess I'll go ahead and remove it!

      2. The Severn Inn in Annapolis would be a good choice for #2.

        If that doesn't work and you didn't mind more casual there is Mike's and Cantler's.

        Severn Inn
        1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

        1. How about Hemingway's right across the Bay Bridge. Fantastic view. Just reopened after a remodel and new management. The only website I could find on it was for the old Hemingways.
          Just saw this story yesterday.

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