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May 11, 2011 09:19 AM

Best restaurant for SWEET Italian sausage???

I moved to Cali in 1976 and haven't been back since but I will be back in Boston in June and MUST have authentic SWEET Italian sausage. The stuff in Cali is horrible. Their sweet is really just mild (less paprika) and still not good. Eeeeewwww! I need the real thing. Someone HELP!!!

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  1. for retail, fresh, if you can get to the italian section of newton called nonantum, (american indian for "rejoicing", that is, until the white people throw you out) there , at 325 watertown street (aka route 16) you will find a mecca like establishment called Depasquales, where the italian sausage is the real deal. warning: their hours can be quirky, a lot of newton buisnesses are closed sundays and mondays, and they close earlyish on saturday, phone (617) 244-7633. thats a lot of caveats, but if it works out, the stuff is tremendous. walk in and say " box of sweet, please" and they will give you a five pound box of sausages and change back from your twenty.

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      and…their hot sausage is actually "hot." Really good.

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        Thanks, I really need a good restaurant that serves it. I'm only there for a long weekend for my BFF's wedding. Friday = rehearsal dinner, Saurday = wedding so I only have Sunday to go out and get what I can't get in Cali. Memories ....... I used to live in Watertown, my BFF right on the border of Newton.

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          Most restaurants in the North End have them on the menu, also Santarpios has nice grilled sausages with hot peppers and peasant bread as well as good pizza in Eastie.

      2. I don't know if it will hit your traditional Italian-American button, but Stella in the South End does a grilled house-made sweet Italian sausage appetizer with broccoli rabe that I quite like.

        1. I actually forgot that Marco in the North End has great house made Italian sausages.

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            Marco is a great suggestion.

            Also, the house-made meatballs, sausage, ribs, tomato and creamy polenta secondo at Prezza is really fine, even if it's maybe the most humble dish they serve.


            24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

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              Great! These places look good. Thanks!