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May 10, 2011 07:20 PM

Top five gourmet sandwiches in Vancouver?

Just wondering what your other top 5 gourmet sandwiches are?

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  1. Great topic for a separate thread!

    Here are mine:

    Porchetta at Meat & Bread
    Suckling Pig Sandwhich at La Brasserie
    Schnitzel Sandwich at Chez Meme Baguette
    Prosciutto, Pear, Brie at Finch's
    Big Lou's Pork Banh Mi.'s all pork based.

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    1. re: fmed

      Harvesting ideas from this thread! And here's a few more:

      I really like the Mexicain at Coco et Olive but they never seem to have it now (only tried the Kits store).

      La Ghianda -- I've only tried a couple but both were very worthy.

      I've also had some standout panini at Thos. Haas over the years.

      On my to try list: the toasted schnitzel sandwich at Ploeger's, chicken schnitzel one at Euro Pastry House, the muffaletta at Cardero Bottega, and the crispy chicken one at Local Public (not sure if any of these qualify as gourmet as I haven't tried them yet).

      1. re: fmed

        funny you mention the Big Lous bahn mi, its the only one of theirs i;ve tried that i just completely disliked , waaay to sweet for me slathered and completely overpowered by that bbq sauce blah,,,,,, not a fan of bbq sauce of any sort though

      2. My list keeps on changing, but currently my favourite dt sandwiches are:
        - the prosciutto, pear & brie at Finch's
        - the hot smoked salmon sandwich at the Kaboom box food cart
        - the shrimp & crab baguette at the dirty apron
        - whatever the special is at Meat & Bread
        -the La brasserie food cart chicken sandwich

        I have noticed an under renovation storefront near davie & howe (i think) that will be offering Philly cheese steak sandwiches and i look forward to trying it when it opens

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        1. re: moyenchow

          If we are expanding the area to include Greater Vancouver, I would add the Beef Dip at Burger Etc. in Burnaby.

          Have been trying to get to Chez Meme Baguette but their hours are not compatible with my schedule as I've heard the food is great there.

          1. re: moyenchow

            I used to work near Finch's and had the prosciutto, pear & brie at least once a week. I miss it now that I'm all the way in Yaletown.

          2. Top of my list of best sandwiches in Vancouver has to be the bahn mi at Au Petit Cafe - this sandwich will set you free
            The porcetta sandwich at Meat and Bread and their meatball sandwich.
            The chicken with brie and fig jam at Earl's
            A true Montreal smoked meat sandwich - Siegel's bagels probably has the most authentic. I will be giving the new Dunn's (from Montreal) on Seymour St . a try as soon as they open.
            Bon appetit.

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            1. re: maxwell2

              Porchetta at Meat and Bread is killer! Anything there is great.
              Any sandy at Au Petit Cafe.
              PHAT makes a pretty good montreal smoked meat sandy.
              I used to get great sandy's at the deli at So.Cial (is that still open?)

              1. re: waylman

                If we are adding banh mi to this list then: Tung Hing, Ba Le, and Kim Chau (all on Kingsway).

                  1. re: tdeane

                    I third Tung Hing. Had one yesterday :-)

                1. re: waylman

                  they are no more it is now a deli associated with McLeans

                2. re: maxwell2

                  A Dunn's here in Vancouver? My Montreal-born husband will be overjoyed. Thanks for mentioning it!

                3. Has anyone tried Hubbub on Hornby St. yet? I've been meaning to go - maybe this weekend!

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                  1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                    Went to Hubbub last night. The pulled pork was AMAZING.

                    1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                      Apparently the prawn 'wich at Hubbub is worthy also. Can't remember where I got the recco (not CH) but it is on my list.

                  2. Fmed, thanks for starting the separate thread.....I wasn't sure how to do it....:-).
                    Many of the above are now on my to try list also.. The best schwarma sandwich I\ve tried here is at Abdul's on Kingsway.....spicy really means spicy there. And the Ahi tuna sandwich at Go Fish is also delcious.
                    My sister tells me there's a great veal sandwich downtown at a cafe but will have to get you the name of the place once I track it down.