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May 11, 2011 06:53 AM

Shrimp connoisseurs: ISO best (freshest) jumbo-ish SHRIMP in TO-ish.

After buying into one too many frozen bags of "on sale" shrimp at Loblaws, I am in need a good feed of FRESH, fresh, fresh jumbo shrimp on the grill... I think I'm almost forgotten what a shrimp is supposed to taste like.

I've been to the "good" seafood shops in town, as well as frequenting Seafood Depot in Woodbridge, but I'd appreciate comments and recommendations from shrimp connoisseurs specifically on SHRIMP vs. seafood in general, although if said spot also sells another great type of seafood/fish, I'd love to know...

I'm not expecting to get them at bargain basement prices, but any additional comments about places with better pricing is appreciated. I live uptown, but will travel. Thanks.

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  1. I've always gotten excellent jumbo shrimp at Bruno's on Avenue Road.

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      Interesting. Would have never thought of that. I live close to Bruno's. i will investigate. Thanks.

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        Who sells MacGregor's Black Tiger?

      2. I'm not into jumbo, but am really into fresh, never frozen shrimp. My sources -

        The Whole Foods in Yorkville sometimes gets fresh white shrimp from Florida. They often send an email to advise, and they're usually on sale ($12-14 per pound).

        The Beach Fish House (on Queen East) used to get fresh gulf shrimp every Friday, but I haven't been there recently so can't confirm. It was $19.99 per pound.

        Around this time of the year, you can get spot prawns flown in fresh from B.C. Sometimes, you can even get live ones; I've purchased them at City Fish and have heard that you can get them at TNT.

        The Fish House
        7501 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R2W1, CA

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          More on T&T please. How do I know that quality is going to be there? If I understand correctly, you're referring to the live shrimp. What am I looking for in that little sign that describes them? Sure I know not to pick the ones floating upside down or the ones with extra (or no) eyes... I love T&T but feel skeptical at times about the origin and quality of their meats and seafood....

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            I have also seen the live shrimps at T&T. Have never tried them though. From what I have read the one't that are feisty are the one to get. Also try taro fish. I find there fish to be better quality (although a bit more expensive)

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              When I bought spot prawns at T&T Milliken, each net was examined and laggards tossed out before the rest could be weighed.
              I found the meat and seafood to be well labelled and never deceptive.

          2. Just had 2 lbs of BC spot prawns from T & T warden/steele. It is on sale for $13.99/lb while quantity last. Yesterday it was $16.99