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May 11, 2011 06:47 AM

Order-to-go restaurant between Airport and Ville Lasalle

I am flying in to visit my parents who have recently moved to Ville Lasalle. I was hoping to pick up some dinner for us as I drive to their place. I am looking for a decent restaurant where I can pick something up on my way. My parents don't like anything fancy or too spicy however I can usually find something for everyone at a Lebanese or Greek restaurant (other suggestions would be great as well).

I am not too familiar with that area of town so an address or website would really help.

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  1. I love Manzo's subs - homemade bread and delicious fillings. Nothing "fancy or spicy." ;-) The pizzas are just so-so, I'd stick to the subs.

    Menu here:

    1033 90th Ave. LaSalle

    1. La Campagnola

      is a good family run place that happily provides take-out orders. They'll do anything on their menu and have nightly, non-menu specials.

      They also do delivery, which might save you a detour.
      (they're in LaSalle on Dollard)