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May 11, 2011 06:13 AM

Yet Another Cast Iron Topic

Hi all,

I do have other pieces of cast iron that are seasoned with various methods but with this current pan, a new pre seasoned 12 inch lodge pan I want to subscribe to the “ Just use it ” method of seasoning .

The pan is pre seasoned and I did one light seasoning in the oven. So really my question is. What foods are best to cook to sort of get the pan started? I know from experience if I take a lightly seasoned pan and use anything acidic or even just a long simmer in liquid it will remove a good bit of seasoning.

So besides bacon, sausages, grilled sandwiches, steaks, burgers, asparagus and other sautéed veggies. What are some good starter foods to help the seasoning along?


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  1. eggs with a small pat of butter seems to have done a lot for my cast iron.

      1. Blackened tuna seem to improve my seasoning a lot.

        1. I'll second the cornbread. The way my mother and grandmother taught me. Put whatever fat you are using in the pan, then put it in the oven to get really hot, then (carefully) pour the hot oil into your cornbread dough at the last minute before you put the whole thing back in the oven to cook till it's done. Seasons your pan and makes great cornbread!

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            Another hand up for the cornbread. I keep cooking cornbread until it doesn't stick any more. Usually 2 or three times.
            I put coat the pan with bacon grease, get the pan good and hot. While my pan is heating, I mix up my cornbread batter, pour the excess hot grease in the batter and stir. Then all gets poured into the hot skillet and back in the oven it goes.

            LOL, I think arashall and I had the same mom and grandmother. That was just how I was taught by them too.:o)

          2. lard for pan fried chicken....