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May 11, 2011 05:59 AM

rec`s to make a dream come true

coming from midwest for YALE grad., hubby says we can take our time coming back. i have always dreamed of sitting on a pier, chowing on freshly caught lobster. where??? also, if you had 1 shot at it, could you reccomend any must-see sites, i.e., REDDING STATION in PA., CHOCOPOLOGIE in NORWALK,CT. i would love love to see the HOLOCOUST museum in D.C., but don`t think this is the "time" to be there. WHAT DO YOU THINK

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  1. Lobster Landing, in Clinton, CT. It's literally a shack in the middle of a working marina, but I really like their rolls.

    Abbott's in the Rough in Noank always receives a lot of recs, but it is quite far from New Haven, and while it atmosphere can't be beat, I don't find their lobster rolls to be all that great, actually. First, it's served on a hamburger bun, and not on a split-top New England-style hot dog roll. Second, they seem to keep their lobster meat warmed in butter until serving, which dries it out.

    Lobster Landing
    152 Commerce St, Clinton, CT

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      not a lobster roll, a whole lobster??????????????

    2. Captain Scott's in New London, about 45 minutes from New Haven, is a great lobster-on-the-dock spot. Abbott's also does whole lobster meals, but it's gross. Granted, the view from Abbott's is gorgeous, but the food is terrible. Go there for a cup of coffee and beauty afterwards, but head to an ice cream shop in Mystic for dessert!

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          If you're in New Haven, the closest place for great lobster is Lenny's in Branford. Its not on a pier, but on a salt marsh. View from the deck is pretty and the lobsters are great. They had an 8 pounder waiting for someone to order last weekend. Thing was gigantic. Here's the link

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            Lenny's is our favorite place for seafood as well. We go for fried clams and oysters, chowder and lobsters, and to watch the ospreys nesting on the marsh.

      1. If I had one chance at making the most out of this area, I'd start by driving straight to Maine. Spend a night in Ogunquit. I usually stay either at the Dunes or the Anchorage by the sea. Take a walk along the Marginal Way to the Oarweed and have a nice 2 1/4 LB lobster as you sit right on the ocean. Day 2, drive down to Boston along Rt 1. Stop at the Clambox in Ipswitch for some of the best fried clams ( whole belly, of course ) you'll ever have. You could even hit Marblehead and Salem on your way. In Boston, spend some time walking around Quincy Market and the North End. Grab a pizza at Pizzaria Regina of a second to none real deal Italian meal at Giacomos. Catch a Red Sox game if there in town. Get a sausage from The Sausage Connection on Lansdown. They are the best. The guy who serves the sausage is George. He hosts the hotter than hell night and has been on Man vs Food when it was in Boston. The Fenway area is a lot of fun. Chinatown comes alive after midnight. Grab some of the best Chinese food outside of China at Jumbo's. Day 3, head down 95. Spend a little time in Mystic on your way to New Haven for the Graduation. Believe it of not, Mystic Pizza isn't terrible. It's actually a neat place. I like Johnny Ad's in Old Lyme for whole bellies or a really good chili dog. New Haven cant be done without Frank Pepe. Louis Lunch is great too. After New Haven, Head to NYC. Katz is a must. Pastrami on rye, because thats what she had! Tip the meat cutter and he'll hive you a little taste. New York has endless possibilities... Keep heading south to Philly. Pats king of steaks is a must. Wiz WIt, for an authentic Philly cheesesteak. The Reading Terminal Market is a blast. Go to Tommy DiNics for a roast pork sandwich with the sharp provolone and the greens. Every place mentioned is on my foodwall. I hope this helps.

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          Great suggestions. I'd like to add that Frank pepe's cooks their pies in a large coal fired oven that can't be duplicated. OOn the way home from Jersey I took a detour there. My kids thought I was crazy, but they also loved the pizza

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            foodwallguy, you are awesome! just what i was lookin` for, a real determined precise directive, you absolutely nailed it. thanks so much.

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            I would also recommend stopping at Mike's Kitchen in Cranston RI right near the Police HQ. It's in a VFW post - amazing and so inexpensive it's embarrassing.

            Mike's Kitchen
            170 Randall St, Cranston, RI 02920