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May 11, 2011 05:51 AM

Where to eat en route to the Yankee's Game (taking the subway)?

My boss is taking the subway up to the Yankee's game tomorrow night and is wondering if there's a good place en route to grab a burger & a beer (or - alternatively, somewhere around the stadium itself would be good too..?)

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  1. what subway line? from where?

    you say up so i assume he's coming across manhattan - so he will be passing by 20,000 places for lunch....

    i don;t know why anyone would want to get off and then back on the subway - better to eat before or after the subway. or in the stadium itself

    there's the feeding tree and z'novia near the stadium - the 1st is jamaican, the 2nd soul food.

    there are several threads here on this topic already

    1. Just eat at one of the places across from the stadium. Tons of beer and yankee fans and decent food too. Yankee staduim also has a steak house if you are into that?

      1. I'm trying to channel my inner psychic to determine where your boss will get on the subway and which line he will take, but my senses are off today and I cannot.

        1. Why would anyone eat before going to the game? Call me old-fashioned, but I can't imagine going to Yankee Stadium and not having hot dogs during the game. However, I am extremely particularly about which hot dog I get. The steamed ones that are brought around to the seats are awful. Nathan's aren't bad. But my hot dog of choice is the grilled Hebrew National. Delicious!