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May 11, 2011 05:35 AM

Merritt BC recommendations?

We'll be spending some time driving around the countryside, near the Frasier River Canyon. We plan to base our stay in Merritt.

Any recommendations about good food in this general area?

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  1. If you scroll down to the older posts there might be some Merrit info.

    1. wintersummer:

      We usually stop for the evening en route to Vancouver Island in Merritt.

      The only place we have eaten is the Home Restaurant which is part of the Super 8 on Voght Street close to the turn-off/on from/to the Coquihalla.

      I usually merely pick up meals to go that we eat in our motel room to facilitate a quick get away in the morning.

      The sandwiches and the like, i.e. pies have a family made feel and quality to them rather than deep - fried this or that.

      The service has been pleasant and the ambiance is admittedl nothing more than what you might expect for a family restaurant in a smaller centre.

      Apart from that we have to date not ventured elsewhere within Merritt. Let us know if you locate anything interesting although being a "creature of habit" we will probably end up at Home during our annual trek to Tofino in the Fall.

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      1. re: Bob Mac

        Bob Mac - where do you stay when you overnight in Merritt? We are hoping to base ourselves in Merritt and travel around the surrounding area, using that as a base.

        1. re: wintersummer


          We usually stay at the Ramada which is on Vogt immediately adjacent to the Super 8 referred to above.

          Nothing particularly special but it serves the purpose when we are just looking for a place to sleep for one night. Clean, relatively quiet (unless there happens to be a hockey tournament in town), they have a pool and water slide as best I can tell (have not been tempted to try it myself) and they permit pets....LOL...we travel with our golden retrievers. The Ramada also houses the town's Domino's Pizza outlet but we have not tried it having decided we did not need a big fill of "za" before trying to "hit the hay" and get up and go the next morning.

          Again being a "creature of habit" we have gone back there when making our plans once we have decided how much driving we will do the first day from Edmonton...of late Merritt has been our choice...other years, it has been Kamloops (Super 8, Accent Inn and the Coast downtown).

          1. re: Bob Mac

            Bob Mac - I attempted to get reservations at the Ramada and it was booked. Hockey, maybe? I booked us into the Best Western.

      2. bit of a non sequitur but if you enjoy really nice honey there is a place called Nicola Valley Apiary which has it both in usual containers and nice decorative stoneware pots. We bought 2 dozen for staff Christmas presents and got great feedback. They have a website.

        1. If you're heading towards Hedley (no pun intended), a few kM before Hedley, there's Doug's Homestead Deli.
          A red flat-roof affair, in the middle of nowhere, on the south side of the highway (6245 Hwy 3).
          They have the best beef jerky on the planet, and their pepperoni is also out of this world .
          When you buy the pepperoni, you guess the weighed price, if you're correct, it's yours for free.
          Always people in there for meats.
          BTW, they often sell out of jerky & pepperoni on weekends, but you can call ahead & reserve (250-292-8364)

          1. Merritt's mostly small restaurants, though there are a few gems here and there. The Middlesboro Pub does some pretty interesting stuff, or at least it did when I was there last a few years back - its owners were interested in doing food above and beyond the usual pub grub. The Quilchena Hotel is also worth checking out, if you're north of town on Highway 5A - it's always had quite good chefs. I'm not sure if they're doing dining or not these days, but it's worth a look. Downtown, the Coldwater Hotel has always done some good comfort food, and the Home has been mentioned - it's always been solid, though not spectacular.
            Mostly, though, you're going to find some pretty standard small-town places.

            Coldwater Cafe
            1901 Voght, Merritt, BC V1K, CA