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May 10, 2011 10:47 PM

Dinner (Sushi?) Along Yamanote Line - <$75 pp

Could anyone reccommend a dinner restaurant either along the yamanote line or near ginza/tsujiki/shinbashi.

We are going have 1 day to do lunch and dinner and have already gotten some great recommendations. We will probably do EN @ shiodome for lunch, and are thinking midori sushi for dinner however may be afraid the line may be too long.

What time should i arrive at midori ginza if I were to go along that route. Also, any other recommendations at other places you would feel that are more suitable would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. If it were my one day in Tokyo I'd have sushi for lunch and go to an izakaya (like EN) in the evening. In general good izakaya really shine at night, whereas during lunchtime they have to cater to a budget-conscious office crowd by offering inexpensive meals (although I see that EN does have a deluxe Y2600 lunch that might be good).

    If you prefer a sushi dinner though, Edogin in Tsukiji might be a reasonable choice. The seasonal omakase sushi is Y4300, for example, and they also offer full-course meals with sushi as the main course for Y6300. 03-3543-4401.

    1. Besides Edogin, you can also consider a branch of Sushi Zanmai (found their entertaining English page--> or Numazu Uogashi-zushi, which has a branch in the Marunuchi Building in front of Tokyo Station. There's also a branch of Midori in Shibuya in Mark City attached to the station. I love going to these type of places for lunch and ordering "okonomi" style rather than getting fixed sets....Robb is of course correct, you should do an izakaya (or 2) at night.

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        Thanks again silverjay/robb

        Im going to go ahead and follow your reccomendations w/ izakaya at dinner. How much is the izakaya set meal at EN? And if I am not able to get reccomendations there, are there any other good places?

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          Zanmai actually was going to be another suggestion for sushi - they also provide value for money, as does Uogashi.

          EN seems to do a weekend-only prix-fixe menu from Y4200. I'm not sure if there's a minimum of two persons or not, but I'd guess that they would probably offer something for the lone visiting diner (or you could always order a few dishes a la carte). And EN has a nice counter area to sit at, with a bit of a city view.

          If you do order a la carte, I'd recommend trying the stone-grilled chicken and the giant asparagus spears to start off. The foie gras and daikon is also quite nice.

          1. re: Robb S

            For a one time max, this can be :
            -sushi Kanpachi in the Shin-Otemachi building, 5-10mn access from Tokyo Station. Lunch course set is at 1,800.yens accompanied with apetizer, sashimi, a chawanmushi(=egg flan), a grilled, fried, 8 nigiris, a miso soup,a small desert...
            Walk to Marunouchi-Yurakucho-Ginza..Take a matcha at Toraya... and then..  
            Diner, exception if your staying in Shiodome(=a building platform zone), Ginza at night is dense. Just after the Matsuya Dept store, and before the big-big starionnery Ito-Ya with all his floors, there is also the Izakaya En on that perpendicular street..(set menu is from 3200.yens
            A day for 75USD/per person