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May 10, 2011 10:09 PM

Baking with Peanut Flour

I have trouble eating nuts or nut butters in moderation because they just taste so darn good, so lately I have taken to just avoiding them all together unless I see a small prepackaged bag. Today I heard about peanut flour though, which seems like it may be the answer to my prayers. It appears there are 2 types(12% fat and 25% fat), both of which come in light and dark (in reference to their roasting time, which effects the strength of flavor.) I was unable to find many recipes online, so I figured maybe chowhounders were just hoarding all of theirs? Any recipe ideas, and information about when to use which type of flour would be awesome. thanks!

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  1. I would look up recipes that call for almond flour and go in that direction. For example I have a cake cookbook that uses some almond flour in place of regular flour. I just saw an almond cookie that used some almond flour. I don't know about the fat content stuff though. I would like to try using this as well, but not because I am scared of the fat. Only because I think it would be fun because peanuts and peanut butter is my favorite thing in the world.

    1. it makes a nice coating for chicken!

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        Is the peanut flavor strong? I love peanut flavor, I am just a little confused about how peanuty the flour actually is.