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Feb 9, 2006 08:03 PM

Dakota at The Roosevelt?

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Has anyone been? Reports? Looking for a 'scene' tonight for 6-8 out-of-towners in for the Grammys ... ugh, I know, but if the expense account is paying, I'll oblige. So, expense-account scenes? Thanks!!!

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  1. nice space....the worst service in America. food is fine, if you dont mind waiting forever and busing your own table between courses you need to remind them to bring.

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      I agree with everything except that the food is not so fine. It is just good.

      1. re: Just Larry
        Pasadena Food Gal

        I had a business dinner the other night at Dakota- and I was expecting the worst. All the reviews I had seen were awful... I was SO SURPRISED. Our service was fantastic top to bottom (someone must have really shaped that place up from the last reviews). We lingered at the bar for a bit... and the hostess was more than willing to hold our table. We were promptly greeted as we sat down by a very friendly waiter who made great recommendations and didn't bat an eyelash when my girlfriend ordered her filet medium well (the horror!). The sommelier came over and recommended a fantastic petit syrah that we never would have tried but for his advice- it was not overly pricey either. We had a TERRIFIC time (I really can't emphasize enough how nice everyone was). The food was quite good- I've had better... and certainly had much much worse. It really is a shame that others have had such a negative experience there, because we did not. The bernaise that accompanyed my rib eye was YUM YUM YUMMY as well as the perfect proportioned sides (cauliflower gratin and perfectly tender asparagus spears). I would recommend this place definitely for out of town guests who want to see a trendy scene in LA- then you can hit the bar at the hotel afterwards. Maybe give it another chance?

        1. re: Pasadena Food Gal

          Well, we did in fact wind up going to Dakota at the Roosevelt. Thoughts:

          - Service: Our server was great - perhaps, as Pasadena Food Gal said, the service has been retooled ... however, the sommelier I could have done without. Towards the end of the meal, when we were laughing perhaps a bit loudly (but by no means were we a raucous, poorly behaved group, AND we were seated in a [bad] corner table with only one other table left in the restaurant), the sommelier came over to ask if everything was 'under control'. I took this to mean we were too loud. Excuse me? There's no one here!
          - Food: Fine. Nothing too special, nothing bad. Pretty standard. Drinks (cosmos and a martini) were well done. To start, we shared the tuna tartare, crabcake, and butter lettuce wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon. Entrees were 10 oz. filet mignons and the seared tuna. Of the accompanying sauces, the peppercorn was great, but apparently the horseradish sauce was nothing but a bowl of mayonnaise. My real gripe? The portion sizes. Now, I'm a slim gal. I'm not normally one to gripe about portion sizes and find that many standard restaurant portions are enough for two meals. However, this was ridiculous. To be served such a small amount of food at these prices was almost insulting. I could almost have handled the lonely 10 oz. filet on its plate with just a few lettuce leaves - not a salad or even a small clump, literally just a few leaves - beside it ... were it not for the paltry side dishes. The cremini mushroom side dish probably didn't measure out to even 1 cup ... the same goes for the roasted vegetables and the truffle french fries. Of the three, only the fries deserve to be remembered. The steak was good but not remarkable - it could have used more dry-aging. But again, the portions were absurd.

          If you're going to dine here, do so for the atmosphere and easy access to the lobby and Tropicana bars. The interior of The Roosevelt is really quite beautiful, old Hollywood, and the restaurant is very open and a part of the lobby and the lobby bar next door. The leather-covered tables and the design elements are well done, attractive and comfortable. But do yourself a favor and just order appetizers and drinks. The entree portions were no larger than the appetizers, and atrociously priced for what they were. If you're really looking for a good steak experience, go elsewhere. That's not why you'd come here.

          Overall, I'll admit I liked Dakota - if someone else is paying. For my money, there are much better dining experiences in LA for far less money - this place is about the scene, and the scene alone.

    2. Been there a few times and always had a great steak, one of the best in LA. Bone in Rib Eye and NY were perfectly done. Didn't need any sauces, which is hard to say of the other places. Service was great and the scene was damn good too. Saw various celeb's in the restaurant and teddy's. Enjoy!

      1. Just ate there. Have to agree with #1: we had the worst possible service--it was incredible it was so bad.

        One person got only his side dishes! It took half an hour and three requests, the last two of which could only be made by getting up and heading for the kitchen to find somebody--ANYBODY--to talk to. Orders needing to be given over and over. Wrong dishes brought to the table. One order, again repeated three times, and then gotten wrong.

        And the air conditioning's out!!!!


        Avoid this place like the plague!

        1. Just went there recently. Decor ain't bad, nice chairs. Service wasn't bad, nothing great. Food did take a while to come out. Ordered steak, medium, and got almost well done. Was late and didn't want to wait around another 20 minutes so just ate it. Place is fine but not exceptional, nor remarkable.