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May 10, 2011 07:18 PM

Bogota w/Herbivore & Omnivore

Hi all,

We're traveling to Bogota for our first time next week, for a grand total of 4 days.

One of us is a vegetarian and not a huge food freak but the other is an omnivorous complete food freak who travels largely for the purpose of eating, preferably to sample local fare.

We could use some tips for four dinners, four lunches and maybe a breakfast or two. We're staying at the JW Marriott (for free on points) so something around there would be nice but definitely not necessary. Both of us get about as much pleasure from the people watching as we do from food. The young and fashionable crow or the ordinary local types would be more compelling than the upscale business and super fancy scene.

-Special veg. or veg-friendly birthday dinner, with great people watching (first night), but not super upscale fine dining.

-Authentic Colombian where the veg. can find SOMETHING on the menu aside from plain rice or similar.

-Anything else that stands out, that but must have at least one option for the herbivore.

-We both love to go out to bars and maybe clubs - often gay but preferably mixed crowds - less mainstream more "indie" or "alternative" (whatever that means). Ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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  1. Hi i hope it's not too late. If you would like to try an authentic dishes there is popular restaurant in downtown Bogota called Casa Viejo (Av. Jimenez No. 3-63, Bogota, Colombia
    342 6752). Besides the food it is situated in old Bogota near open markets, cobblestone streets, nice shops, cafes. You can also visit the governments buildings as well. It's definitely a day trip. It you would like something more upscale you can try Zona T (Calle 82 Cra 11) You will find bars restaurants etc. pretty lively night and day and there is good shopping near by.

    Hope this helps ... enjoy :)

    1. The Museo del oro (Gold Museum) has a wonderful restaurant. I remember seeing quite a few salads and pasta options which were veggie friendly. I had fresh fried pork rinds and beef empenadas while my brother went for the sancocho. Just delicious. On the side street of the National Museum, there's a gentleman who makes fantastic arepas. We're talking the shredded and not fine powder corn kind. If you go to the top of Mount Monserrate (sp?), head to the back of the tourist shop stands and check out the small cafes/restaurants. One place we hit, Restaurante El Mirador, had really delicious chicken tamals and sancocho. Skip the sugar cane drink and if you get the chocolate drink, ask the server to give you sugar on the side rather than mixed in. I had breakfast at a place two blocks up the hill (towards the mountain) from the Hotel Ibis (National Museum) called Panaderia Y Restaurante La Macarena. It was pretty good. Two scrambled soft with sliced hot dogs and cafe con leche. And, if you can get past a soft empanada shell, their beef filling is pretty good.And speaking of the Hotel Ibis, they make a great aromatic fruit tea. I found the chain Archies to be decent as well. It's Italian, or I should say a Colombian take on Italian. Two items that stood out were the salmon carpaccio and their in-house mozzarella. I believe they're veggie friendly as well. I hear Andres Carne de Res is an excellent haven of grilled meats and houses an excellent club to boot. We weren't able to make it to either of their restaurants. Mainly because of the major street construction delaying traffic. If I remember correctly, the JW may be a lot closer to Andres than we were in the Ibis.

      There is a club to the left of the Hotel Ibis. They're open all night. The food sucks, however, if that matters. I don't know if they're gay friendly or not. But the music and DJ'ng are good.

      Have fun!

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        Definitely get to Andres Carne de Res. More for the nightclub/experience than quality of food. Unlikely you have experienced anything quite like it. The original one is outside Bogota, and your hotel can make arrangements. I don't know about the Bogota location, but recommend you go with the "sure thing" outside of Bogota. Also, Leo Cocina y Cava is excellent, and meets your requirements. Enjoy!