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May 10, 2011 07:10 PM

16 handles???

What is this new kosher fro yo place "16 handles" I have been hearing about? Supposedly its right here on the UWS but I haven't seen it, and don't know where its located, or if its good. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. don't know about the kashrus, but here's what I was able to find -

    1. According to koshertopia 16 Handles is located at 325 Amsterdam (b/n 75th and 76th street) and is under National Kosher Supervision (R' Mehlman).

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          You can search Koshertopia to find out. That's what I did and here's what I found: International Kosher Council (IKC) (Rabbi Zev Schwarcz)

      1. UWSA FOODIE

        Just heard there is a 16 Handles self service frozen yogurt shop in Great Neck ( 40 Middle Neck Road) which is Kosher certified by the Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

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          There is a Sixteen Handles with Rabbi Mehlman's supervision at 98th and Broadway on the upper West Side. Just opened and busy as could be with chairs outside.... I heard there is one in the heart of Midwood in Brooklyn but the rabbi doesn't want to supervise it not to step on the toes of the Vaad of Flatbush

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            Mehlman's hashgacha was replaced by a sephardic one for the ave j store---it had no hashgacha for several days!!!!!!!

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              Tonight - 04/19/2012 - 100 listeners will win a $4 gift certificate to 16 HANDLES AVE J, Brooklyn NY.

              CONTROVERSY ON HOW TO HANDLE 16 HANDELS’S BROOKLYN LOCATION? WHY ARE THE RABBIS UPSET? Is there discrimination against a Sefardic Certifying Organization? Or is the atmosphere not kosher enough for the other Kashruth groups?

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        2. On the UWS, the older one, is across the street from the JCC on Amsterdam (maybe a block or so south).

          1. It's delicious!

            They have a variety of self-serve soft-serve frozen yogurt and toppings that you add yourself. They have one or two 'tart' yogurts, a few pareve fruit options and others in flavors like cookies and cream, red velvet, and peanut butter. They have toppings ranging from fresh fruit, crumbled cookies, and nuts as well as various sauce toppings.

            You pay by weight. They take credit cards and there are some places to sit but both locations in the UWS seem to do a lot of business.

            I like to layer the yogurts and toppings for a better distribution.