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May 10, 2011 06:08 PM

Beer and artichokes?

I know pairing wine with artichokes is very difficult, but what about beer? Any particular suggestions?

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    1. Like any other pairing, the preparation is often as, if not more, important that the primary ingredient. That being said, there are a number of light, crisp wheat and summer beers that could work. Especially if the preparation, as is so often the case, involves lemon. Anchor's Summer Beer, for example, is pretty widely available and in line with what I'm thinking.

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      1. re: MGZ

        MGZ, have you tried Breckles Brown? I think it would be perfect with artichokes

        1. re: chuckl

          No. I have not seen it here in NJ, even though most of the Anchor beers are pretty widely available. Now I have something to seek out as I would really like to try it.