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May 10, 2011 05:41 PM

Aragosta recs?

Going tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Any recommendations?

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  1. bosch, yes? looking forw to your review; the menu has some nice looking things on it and we've been thinking of going too. Is the view great or just o.k.?

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Yes, Bosch.

      I put my review in a new thread:

      There really is no view to speak of from inside (the patio a little moreso, weather permitting). From where I sat I looked out the window onto the Coast Guard Station next door. If the restaurant was at the other end of the wharf it would be a different story...

    2. Expensive, only slightly creative Italian in an ugly, cheap-looking dining room (the bar is much more attractive). Very poor bartending. Seems pitched at the unchallenging requirements of hotel guests and tourists. Charcuterie plate is good, but I doubt any of it is house-made. Got a severely overdone pork chop. Lobster fra diavolo had no discernible capsicum fire, though it was loaded with lobster meat. Pastas are allegedly all house-made, and were decent.

      It's a bit confusing: I've had this chef's food at Toppers, where it was much more interesting and adventurous (but significantly pricier). I'm guessing cost constraints prevent him from doing that level of food here. Hard to imagine it competing effectively with nearby high-end North End Italians. Patio should be nice in warmer weather.