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May 10, 2011 05:38 PM

Grape Seed Oil

Ran out of olive oil, which does not happen often, and had to use grape seed oil. It seemed to do the trick. Very mild. What is its claim to fame? How do other cooks use it? Certain it is the waste product of the grape juice, jelly, wine industry.

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  1. That is its claim to fame. It is often used as a neutral "light" oil mostly for dressings, mayos and like.
    You can also use it for saute it's smoke point is about 400 F.

    1. Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is my neutral oil of choice, pretty much what I generally use when I don't want olive oil. It has a very clean, neutral flavor and a high smoke point, and I use it in everything from dressings to baking to sauteing. Trader Joe's has a high-quality one at a reasonable price (it is a not-inexpensive oil in general). I store it in the fridge, where it remains liquid when chilled.

      1. i used it after hearing about it here and on tv. i like its neutral and light flavor. seemed to work well as a general vegetable oil.... bought mine at trader joe's, if i recall correctly.

        1. We recently started using grapeseed oil in place of canola, corn and vegetable oils because of the GMO factor. I like it as a light neutral oil in all phases of cooking. Interesting to read that some store the bottle in the fridge. Mine is on the lowest shelf of my pantry which is a cool room, more like a buttery. All my oils are on this low shelf.