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May 10, 2011 04:43 PM

ISO - Business Lunch near the Sheraton

There's a convention and I'm looking for a place to take 2 or 3 customers. Would prefer a place that takes a res. An upscale business lunch walking distance would be best, steak or something traditional is always good. No idea what they're into. Welcome to other ideas tho.

It's this Monday 3 - 4 people.

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  1. Blueacre is nearby and has the right atmosphere. It's seafood, but will have meat also. Good food, too.

    1. The Brooklyn or Metropolitan Steak House. Both will take a little longer than the average lunch, but if these are important clients or prospects, you can't go wrong with either.

      1. Ruths chris, Capital grill and Morton's are all close to the Sheraton. There's also The Georgian at the Fairmont for upscale.

        Neither the Brooklyn nor the Met are really walking distance from the Sheraton. Blueacre is not an upscale vibe and they like to seat people right on top of each other so it's not ideal for a business lunch, imo.

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          Actually I was trying to think of steak houses that are unique to Seattle. Ruth's, Capital and Morton's are all chains found in every large city in the country although they each have very good food!

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            Agreed, but the OP didn't say anything about chains vs. uniquie to Seattle, just close to the Sheraton, takes rezzies and is traditional/upscale. I might rather go to the Met as well, but I work a few blocks from the Sheraton and I wouldn't walk to the Met for lunch on a normal day (it would be a 2.5-3 hour lunch!). I guess "walking distance" is subjective and if the Met is walking distance from the Sheraton, then everything from the ID, to capitol hill, to belltown would be walking certainly *can* walk it, but it's pretty far for a business lunch with time constraints.

            1. re: akq

              You really think so--that it's too far? All you have to do though, is walk down to 1st, 2d, or 3d and ride the bus in the free zone.

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                The Brooklyn is only 5 blocks from the Sheraton, the Met is 10. When I worked downtown, the farthest I could get for a "Run and grab lunch to bring back to work and eat at my desk in 30 minutes or less" was 7 blocks.

                If it was a special occasion lunch, we'd hop a bus to the ID and go to seven stars, which would take us around 1.5 hours total.

                If you don't want to walk back up that hill, maybe make a lateral move and head 6 blocks to the Tom Douglas restaurant cluster?

                1. re: Brunhilde

                  I don't know how you could walk 14 blocks in downtown Seattle, stand in line, order, get food, and eat in 30 mins at lunchtime.

                  1. re: akq

                    Downtown blocks are small, I walk fast, I'd get there right at opening. It was a learned skill, but sometimes I just really needed Bahn Mi for lunch. Mostly I stuck within a 4 block range.

                    Oh, and no way was I actually eating inside those 30 minutes. I ate at my desk as I worked.

                    (I was just trying to elaborate on your "walking distance" is subjective point. This was walking distance for me.)

          2. Thanks all. Checking out online all look pretty spot on. As a NYer they're certainly walking distance, but I do appreciate the advice as I know that may not be the casefor certain folks especially if the weather is bad. I'm staying at the Max and if this guy is too Blueacre seems spot on.

            Anywya really appreciate the help. Hopefully I get some crab for myself, but it's up to what they want really.

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              FYI - we have a bus tunnel that transects the city. You really don't have to do much walking to get anywhere in the downtown corridor. Down an escalator, hop on a bus, hop off, up an escalator and you can be close to pretty much anything.

            2. For a Seattle business lunch walking from the Sheraton... I think the Dahlia Lounge would be one your best choices. It's a Seattle icon, upscale restaurant and the the booths seem conducive to a business lunch for that number. The Met would be a great option but a little bit more of trek or you could cab.

              Another choice that I think would be great for a business lunch is Seastar. I like it more than Dahlia but thats just my taste. The Kobe burger is great and the atmosphere is good for business. It is more seafood focused but they do a really good job on the meat dishes. Try the truffle chips for a treat, they are kind of addictive.

              Dahlia Lounge
              2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121