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May 10, 2011 04:10 PM

Rec's for Indian Food South Pinellas

I looked for a thread and it looks like the last one was last year. I am looking for suggestions for Indian food for lunch. I do not mind buffet. My friend and I used to meet at Taste of Punjab but they are now closed for lunch. Somewhat clean and good food are all I require. Thanks for your help. Juli

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  1. Though it is more Mid Pinellas, I would recommend Deeya for lunch. They have a few more items than the typical Pinellas Indian Buffet, usually at least one spicy dish and the food is usually refilled promptly and the food is fresh. I do not believe there are any Pinellas Indian restaurants that offer menu service at lunch. It is located at 5166 East Bay Drive

    Largo, FL 33764 in the Tri-City Plaza at the corner of US 19 and East Bay. Phone: 727-539-0273. http://www.deeyaindiancuisine.com/. They usually have freshly made Tandoori Chicken, usually another chicken curry type dish and some other type of meat dish, another two or three vegetarian dishes, naan bread, an appetizer and a dessert.

    Other choices in S Pinellas are Green Chili Indian Bistro at 310 Central and India Grill at 409 Central, both in downtown St Pete a block from each other. I have never been to Green Chili as it is owned by the people who used to own Mahal, and their style of cooking is too subdued for my tastes. I haven't been to India Grill in a while, but would expect them to have a pretty good lunch buffet.

    There is Ajanta Indian at the Ramada in at 5005 34th St N (US 19). I haven't been there in a while, they used to have a pretty good lunch buffet. I believe Curriez is still open at 7201 66th St N in Pinellas Park, just around the corner from Taste of Punjab. I have never been to this new location since they messed up a take out order very badly and didn't return my voicemail concerning it.

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      My suggestion for great Indian food in south Pinellas is to bite the bullet and drive to Tampa. Sorry, I hate to sound harsh but the last time I ate at Ajanta it was terrible...everything gristly, greasy and served cold. India Grill is no longer open (I think?). Curriez is open but the lunch buffet is fairly bland and pricey. I have not made it to Green Chili yet, but would love for a great Indian restaurant (along the lines of Jai Ho or Cilantro in Tampa) to open up in Pinellas. If anyone hears of anything, please let me know. Thanks!

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        I usually go to Taste of Punjab for the dinner menu but I tried Deeya once for lunch and enjoyed it. Better than I was expecting for a lunch buffet. It's been several months since I was there so I can't remember specifics but I liked it better than the one time I had the lunch buffet at ToP.

        I'm 99% sure Ajanta is closed. I drive by it every day and the parking lot is always empty and the restuarant sign is never lit. I think the hotel was sold last year.

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          India Grill moved to their current location a year or so ago and to the best of my knowledge, they are still open. Here is their website: http://www.indiagrillinc.com/.

          Ivanova mentioned Ajanta may be closed. She may be right as I have not been there in a while and it did look very dead when I drove by there recently.

          I also agree with laboheme that Tampa has a few better Indian restaurants. I still have not made it to Jai Ho, but intend on trying it. Taj and Cilantro are both very good Tampa Indian restaurants.

          For a Pinellas buffet lunch, however, I would say Deeya is pretty clearly the best choice.

          I do wish more Indian restaurants would offer a lunch menu, with lower prices and smaller portions than their dinner menu. The only full service Indian restaurant in FL that I've ever seen have this is Amrit Palace in Ocala http://amritpalace.com/. When my wife and I lived in Gainesville when she was finishing up her schooling at UF, we used to drive all the way to Ocala a lot just to eat there.

        2. I was at Taste of Punjab last night and they have a sign in the window that says the lunch buffet will resume today.

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            Yea ! and I will try Deeya and the Tampa places thanks for the input.