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May 10, 2011 01:48 PM

Olive Chicken - Calgary

Anybody been here? It's in the Korean strip mall on 10Ave.

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  1. my cousin went here on saturday and told me the korean chicken was pretty good (and authentic). she only ordered the 영념통닭 (direct translation: flavoured chicken in a box). it's essentially deep fried chicken covered with a sweet and spicy sauce. i plan on trying it tomorrow so i'll report then.

    1. I just had it couple of hours ago. There's 2 kinds. Plain fried and one that's a sweet spicy one. It was delicious. The plain one is crispy goodness, the traditional one is sweet with a hint of heat. Both were good. Best is to buy n take it home n eat right away! For $17 it fed 3 of us adults. Their sauce is supposedly made with honey and fruit. I do recommend you to try it!

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      1. We have been here a couple of times and I think it will become our fried chicken place of choice. The chicken has been hot and crunchy and the meat cooked just right (moist and not dried out). We prefer the plain crispy chicken as I am not a big fan of the sweet and spicy sauce (a little too sweet but its nice to half a couple pieces to mix up with the regular). You can get half and half (I think they would also cater to any portion you wanted).

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          Yes half n half is the way to go. But I gotta agree that the fried plain one is dang good. Reminds me of the xtra crispy option they have in Vancouver at KFC. Too bad that version is not available in Calgary. Also its similar to the hot wings they have at KFC but lighter batter. Cheers! Hope u like it as much as I do.

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            We went. I liked it and remember when KFC here in Calgary had the extra crispy, I don't know what happened that they dropped it.

            Olive chicken makes delicious chicken. My issues are,

            1- they cut the pieces into those random, "Am I going to swallow a bone here?" shapes.

            2- I had a hard time figuring out what to order even though it's somewhat basic, Crispy, sweet and spicey, mixed. I didn't see the sign for fries until I had all ready ordered.

            3- It's not cheap.

            Super nice Korean ladies, great chicken. I'll be back.

            1. re: The Gut

              I actually think when u order one kind instead of the half / half the pieces are bigger.

              1. re: mini mi

                Really? I'm going to try it this week. Perfect food to eat while watching the hockey game!

        2. I set out to give the Alley Burger food truck a go last night but ran smack dab into their massive line-up. I have zero patience on an empty stomach so I cruised up 10th Ave and stumbled into Olive Chicken. I am VERY happy I did. This is some of the best, juiciest fried chicken I have ever had. I ordered the Combo #2 which consisted of two pieces of the plain fried chicken with a side of rice and a salad. It was $6.99.

          For their $6.99 combos they only serve their plain fried. Wanting to try their sweet spicy sauce the server game me a side so I can dip. It was a nice gesture as I believe they typically charge $1 for a side of the sweet spicy sauce.

          I am a big fan of this place.

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          1. re: DeeDub

            Where exactly is this place? All I've got to work with is 10th Ave and a Korean strip mall.. Which quadrant of the city are we talking about? What cross street?

          2. After driving by and seeing it several times and reading a handful of reviews, I stopped by with my wife today for lunch. We were both very happy with the decision. We ordered the half-and-half order of chicken so that we could try both the sweet and spicy, and the crispy. Both were completely delicious. As tiny as it is, my ONLY criticism would be that after eating about half-a-dozen pieces of the sweet and spicy chicken, your fingers get VERY sticky with the sauce, it would be great to have wet-naps for eat-in orders.

            Other than that one little nitpick, the food was delicious, no complaints! If you want something sweet to finish with, we stopped at the Korean bakery next door and satisfied the sweet tooth with a cinnamon twist.