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May 10, 2011 01:47 PM

Rec for "best" restaurant in Rome (giving as a wedding gift)

I'm looking to give a gift card/certificate to a great restaurant in Rome as a wedding present (the couple is going to Italy on their honeymoon). Can anyone give me a few recommendations? Price is not a big issue, I'd like to try and send them to one of the "top" restaurants, if possible (though I know that is subjective)


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  1. La Pergola has a good reputation. I've never been but my landlord is a big fan. Not cheap.

    1. Dinner at La Pergola would be a lovely gift and would set you back the equivalent of at least a couple of place settings of fine china (not that I've priced that lately). There are some considerations: La Pergola is closed on Sunday and Monday and all of August and probably more than that. You don't say when this is for. Another is that you have to reserve at least a month in advance, more for Fri and Sat.

      Also, for any place, Italian fiscal regulations will be working against you. You can't just leave your credit card number and say "charge it to me" nor have Roman restaurants ever heard of gift cards. In this respect, with the Hilton hotels as the context, La Pergola may well be your best bet.

      You might propose the idea to a restaurant and let them choose a tasting menu and wines and make you a fixed price, which you could pay in advance by postal money order or bank transfer, possibly not by credit card. Or you could work with someone local and known to the restaurant who could make the arrangements and go in and settle the bill the next day. Every problem has a solution here, but not necessarily a simple one. I think Il Pagliaccio would also be a good bet, possibly Antico Arco too (super but not in the Pagliaccio-Pergola league), since both seem to have pretty much of a 21st-century outlook.

      1. What a nice gift!
        La Pergola would be my top choice. If I was getting married again (!) and someone were to give me a big gift, this is what I would ask for.

        Another more low key choice would be All'Oro. This is a smaller restaurant, and quite romantic. One of the top restaurants in Rome, wonderful food. Not nearly as expensive as La Pergola, but a unique - and maybe more Italian?- experience all the same.

        Finally, Il Pagliaccio, which is right in the center of town and one of the best restaurants. Very expensive, so this would probably be something they wouldn't choose on their own.

        I wouldn't worry to much about the mechanics of paying for this. I'm sure you can work it out at one of the above places.


        Il Pagliaccio
        Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 130, Roma 00186, IT

        Via Eleonora Duse, 1, Rome, Lazio , IT

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          Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          I'm finding that an issue might be the "August holiday" that many Rome restaurants seem to take. The honeymooners will be there sometime in the last half of August (they leave on Aug. 15th).

          Price-wise, I might have been a little over confident in my original posting (I didn't quite realize how strong the Euro was). We're probably looking to give them €150, which unfortunately might not be quite enough for two at some of the above restaurants.

          Can you throw out some other suggestions for maybe not the "best", but some great spots within that price range, that may be open in the latter-half of August?