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May 10, 2011 01:12 PM

Narragansett Summer Ale - Boston/North area

Has anyone seen this in stores yet in the Medford/Stoneham/Reading corridor???? Thier Bock and Porter were outstanding, thus I MUST TRY the Summer Ale!!!

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  1. Looks like it's been rolling in over the past couple days. They have it at Redstone in Stoneham.

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    1. re: emannths

      WOW! Thanks!!! A short 2 miles from home!!!

      1. re: emannths

        thanks emannths......drinking my first one as I type......first impression, VERY NICE, very drinkable.....not too lemony (I now hate Sam Adams Summer due to the "over flavoring" (IMO)

      2. While I really liked the Porter, I thought the Bock was overly hopped for it's style. But, that's just my opinion.

        Interesting diversion for Narragansett, as they have a history of both Bock and Porter going back to the breweries in Cranston, RI and Newark, NJ yet, this must be their first "Summer" beer, as far as I know...

        1. I'm not sure if this helps but I had tweeted them yesterday asking which bars in Cambridge/Somerville would have it. I just checked back and they replied with the Independent, Highland Kitchen and Tavern at the End of the World. I can't wait to try it!

          Highland Kitchen
          150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

          1. They carry the summer brew at Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont.

            1. I am all for a summer ale but when it replaces the Bock section at the store, I am a little upset. Bring back the Bock!

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              1. re: drewinmrblhd

                Bock is the Spring Seasonal....Summer Ale for Summer.....Porter for Fall Winter I'd guess???

                1. re: sinned61

                  You misplaced the Oktoberfest.

                  1. re: okra

                    sad to say I didn't even know about the Oktoberfest!!! How was it???

                    1. re: sinned61

                      It wasn't bad...but I thought it was better for steaming brats in, than drinking.

                2. re: drewinmrblhd

                  The New Marty's on North Beacon in Brighton had 5+ cases of the Gansett Bock there last night. No Summer Ale, however.