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May 10, 2011 12:45 PM

Sushi equipment stores?

Awhile ago I had a small fire. I lost almost all my kitchen supplies. I started searching for places that sold sushi making equipment last month. I've found some links for online stores wich isn't what I want. I want a physical store. I was told of a place in mass. They allegedly sold everything. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the place or the location. I was told they sold very cheap rice cookers, they had all sorts of knives and spiders and spatulas and woks. Does anyone know any place like this? Rhode island and mass is perfectly fine for me. They seemed to sell pretty much everything for asian supplies.

edit: they also had oke hangiri's (the large wooden bowls for rice)

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  1. I think it was the worchestire area...though I cannot be sure.

    1. The Kam Man Marketplace, 219 Quincy Ave., Quincy, Massachusetts , has the large wooden bowls for rice, lots of rice cookers, and other useful kitchen stuff at reasonable prices in the housewares store. There is also a large grocery with lots of interesting ingredients, so a trip here might be worthwhile even if it isn't the place you had heard about.

      Good luck rebuilding, a fire is a very difficult thing.

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        yeah, it's a pain, and thanks, I'll head there end of the month. Pay day.

        1. re: Grendal

          Try Korin in NYC. Its not a retail shop as they have a professional focus on restaurants but you can go in to their store and look. The knive inventory is impressive. I get all my japanese kitchen knives there. Expensive but they cut through everything. Here's the link

          1. re: sloppyeats

            completely out of the question at those prices...I'll stick to leaf spring knives. Most of those knives are more then my rent!

            1. re: Grendal

              Kan Man Market has everything, and cheap. Just remember when you walk through main doors the home goods store is to the left and the super market is to the right and the middle is filled with small stores such as herbal medicine, travel agency, etc.

              1. re: T.Clark

                yeah I was looking at their floor plan, looks like I could spend the whole day there.

              2. re: Grendal

                Quality knives are never cheap but you don't have to go over the top. The Korin Shiro-ko Kasumi line is a good starting point and you can get one with a 10" blade for around $200. If you have ever sat at the bar at a quality sushiya and watched the chef slice a piece of fish in one motion and wondered why you can't replicate the cut at home, it because your knife can't hold a sharp enough edge. You end up sawing the fish which changes the texture. Once you start using high quality knives, you empty those ginsus from the drawer.

                1. re: sloppyeats

                  My knife I found in a box of knives at a yard sale. It was forged out of a chunk of leaf spring like the rest of the knives in the box. I managed to get the entire box for 40 dollars. In it was roughly 30 knives. They will cut fish in one motion. Granted they are not stainless, some of them were rusted, but thats nothing that can't be fixed with a little polish and rust remover and proper care. Thank you very much though for sugguesting them, I sent the link to a friend who was looking for an expensive knife for his shop.