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May 10, 2011 11:50 AM

So....did anyone try the BRICKYARD in Woburn Yet ??

I feel we are so devoid of quality pizza, I'm hoping this will have the goods. I'm tired of having to trek all over for decent pizza.... at least woburn is only 15 minutes away for me. I'd love to hear opinions of the brave first timers . Thanks in advance.

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  1. I went the other night. Had a regular burger. I ordered it medium it came out well done. The lettuce, tomato and onion are served on the side. The lettuce was shredded, the onion was 1 or 2 individual rings and the tomato was very thinly sliced and very green (unripe). The fries were like McDonald's style and were served cold.

    My wife got a pizza. It was very "wet". The crust was decent but the toppings were soggy.

    They were out of several bottled beers on their beer list. Kind of odd considering this was their third night open.

    All in all, I was disappointed. The burger seemed small and was dwarfed by the giant brioche bun. When you specialize in two things (pizza and burgers) I think they must be outstanding. Lame tomato, overcooked burger, cold previously frozen fries just don't cut it. Especially for 9.95.

    When I think of a great "burger bar" I think of the Met in Dedham's Legacy place. Exotic toppings and combinations and juicy, perfectly cooked burgers.

    Also, the tap water has an awful off-taste that my wife noticed along with patrons at surrounding tables.

    I hope they improve as I really want to love this place. I simply can't overlook these glaring misses.

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      First thing you should know is that the souther side of Woburn has HORRIBLE TAP WATER. Wikipedia/google it, I'm sure youll find a reason. I use bottled water to boil PASTA.

      Anyway, I got a chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was delicious - could have been that I was just really hungry though. From what I hear they've had a sort-of rough start, have been EXTREMELY busy - go by on a friday night and youll see...etc.

      Seemed pretty good to me but then again, i didnt try the soggy pizza or Mcdonald style burger.

      1. re: jakaldama

        We had dinner at the restaurant tonight and we were disappointed. The place looks very nice. The service was slow although there was only few customers there.

        We were served chlorine water. It smelled badly. Onion ring was soaked with old frying oil. I guessed they used frozen rings instead of fresh. Pizza tasted ok, but soggy and oily. We also ordered antipasto salad. The plate was so small that made the food fell all over the table. It looked so messy to eat. We lost appetite by this mess.

        1. re: jakaldama

          The water in Woburn is perfectly safe now. Yes, the had the "Civil Action" issues. But with all the monitoring and oversight, it's probably some of the safest around now.

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        1. Tried the burger for lunch with cheese and "thick cut" bacon and French Fries. Ordered medium rare and about 1/3 was medium rare, the rest was well done. Bacon was thin and cold. Lettuce was a small mound on the side and the onion was maybe one shaved slice, very thin. French Fries was steak fries that I don't like but I guess these was decent. 1/2 pound burger? seemed smaller to me and for $11.50, don't think so. Interior was nice.

          1. louies pizza on main st in woburn is very good, very old school. ask for it well done. they close early and are not open sundays.

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