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May 10, 2011 11:47 AM

ISO Recipe "Pound Cake" Recipe that Uses Heavy Cream

Where can I find a recipe for "pound cake" that uses heavy cream? I put "pound cake" in quotes because I know cream is not an ingredient in a true pound cake. I have a pint of very good heavy cream from a local dairy and I thought a pound cake would be a nice way to use it before it spoils.

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  1. There is a great recipe in the Cake Bible that probably meets your needs. I am sorry I don't have the cookbook in front of me, but it is a delicious cake that uses heavy cream for fat and liquid.

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      Thanks! As it turns out, Rose Beranbaum has posted the recipe for Whipped Cream Cake on her website. It's just what I was looking for. Her explanation of how using heavy cream instead of butter actually brings more butterfat to the party is very interesting.

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        I bet it's lovely, one of my happiest gastronomic ventures was making biscuits with unpasteurized Jersey heavy cream (the best, would that it were available) that had just barely turned and was thick enough that a spoon would stand up in it. Her recipes are absolutely the best for cakes. Hope you'll report!

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          Perfect! That's exactly what I was thinking of. I hope you make it and it turns out great.

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            I made the cake and it is delicious. It's a very fluffy cake with a delicate flavor. And the recipe is very easy to put together.

      2. I'm sorry. A pound cake uses very little liquid. This is a link to Alton Brown's pound cake recipe.

        You will find no listing for any liquid. It gets all the liquid it needs from the 1 pound of eggs it uses. A pound cake consists of a pound each of butter, flour, eggs and sugar. Some salt and vanilla and sometimes some other flavors make up the cake.

        You could search for a yellow cake that uses 1 cup of milk and substitute cream but you will want to reduce the amount of butter by 4 tablespoons to account for the added fat in the cream.

        Warning: this will be a large cake. A yellow cake that uses a cup of milk will probably uss 3 cups of flour an 2 cups of sugar and 4-5 eggs. It will require 3 9 inch pans.

        1. Got a GREAT one for you. A terrific Southern one...."big mama's whipping cream poundcake". It is to die for. You will not be disappointed!

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            This seems to be a variation of Elvis' Favorite Poundcake as found on Epicurious,
            which seems to be a Southern phenomenon. Do you know why the oven starts cold? Or what might happen if it went into a hot oven? Just curious....

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              Those are interesting. A pound cake where the butter, flour and eggs have been reduced and the sugar has been increased to accommodate the cream.

              While it might not exactly meet a classic definition of pound cake, it would be close enough for the user.

              Is the texture the same as a classic pound cake?

              1. re: Hank Hanover

                This is the same recipe as maxie mentioned above-


                It turns out a fabulous dense moist buttery pound cake, so the answer is yes.

            2. I went and looked at Rose Beranbaum's recipe for Whipped cream Cake at it sounds like a lovely cake but is hardly a pound cake. Not in texture. Not in the ratios of ingredients. In fact it is closer to a chiffon cake. It doesn't have any butter and only 3 eggs.

              Don't get me wrong.... I might even make the cake. It certainly filled the OP's need for using 1 cup of cream and it is a cake.

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              1. re: Hank Hanover

                Note "pound cake" is in quotation marks and the difference between what is sought and a pound cake per se is elucidated in the OP.

              2. I am not a baker AT ALL but this Whipped Cream Cake looks very appealing. Does it come out very sweet? I only like cakes that are not very sweet. Do you think I could cut back on the sugar and if so, by how much? Part of the reason I don't bake it that I never know which things I can tinker with and which I can't. Thanks for any guidance you can give.

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                  Gretchen, yes you can......I am the same way......always cut back on the sugar. For big mama's poundcake (above), recipe calls for 3 cups of sugar and I use a little over 2 cups, turns out perfect without that cloyingly sweet taste.